iPhone App Video Review: Dragon Fantasy

The game puts you in the old boots of Ogden, a past-his-prime knight and body guard to the royal family. Biggs and Wedge show up (yes they actually have a Biggs and Wedge joke) soon followed by the their lord and master, the Dark Knight, who steals the prince with Ogden following him through a portal. Thus, your story begins.

Game play is all touch based. You swipe the screen to move Ogden and tap it to interact with people and objects in the world. Standing still will bring up the status screen but if you need to handle inventory and equipment. In terms of simplicity and general gameplay, this is basically the first Final Fantasy game. Combat is done in a first person view facing the monsters, with each enemy doing and saying hilarious things as you wail on them. There are towns with shops and save points, the whole shebang.

As you can see, the art style is very retro, based on fantasy games designed for NES. The soundtrack definitely wasn’t composed by Nobue, but it isn’t half bad either. The game isn’t perfect, though. The controls can be an issue, and though I believe it’s intentional, it’s hard to know what you’re supposed to do sometimes, but that didn’t really bring the experience down too much. The game pokes fun and jokes about all the most popular fantasy franchises, and is packed full of trope jokes and fourth wall breaking. It’s a very amusing title which will be loved by any old school fantasy RPG fan. It’s also iOS universal, and one of the best ways to spend three dollars in the App Store. Check it out.

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