iPhone App Video Review: EDGE Extended

In Edge, you take control of a trippy rainbow cube. You roll the cube around and maneuver it through each level to reach the end teleporter. There are miniature cubes called prisms scattered through each level as collectibles, as well as plenty of obstacles. Your cube can only climb up single block heights, unless it gets miniaturized, which lets it climb up sheer walls. One wrong step will send you plummeting to the endless abyss below, and there is a lot working against you. Moving blocks, platforms that drop from under you, and even other enemy dark cubes. Working within the unique physics and rules of this game can really give your brain a stretch, and it’s a very rewarding game. You are rated at the end of each level based on how many cubes you’ve collected as well as your completion time, ranging from a lowly D rank to a superb S+ rank.

Even though it looks like the same exact game, everything is better in this sequel. The graphics look pretty much the same, but several subtle improvements have been made. The soundtrack, though very similar to the original, is fantastic. The mechanics are almost entirely the same, but every level feels far more creative and elaborate than before. I guess when you don’t have to worry about the engine or the graphics, you can focus on refining the levels and game play to their absolute best, which is what’s been done here. The addition of Dark Cubes, which can act as both ally and enemy, is a great way to mix things up. Also, it feels like the rating system has grown to be far more merciful in this game. In the last game, I was a C and D student, but here, I’m easily maintaining a 3.5 GPA or higher.

The original game was great, and this one, while much more of the same, is even better. The learning curve is established well enough that new players could probably get into this game with ease. If you really like the soundtrack like I did, I should tell you that you can download both game’s tracks completely for free on the Mobigame website. Should you not like the swipe controls, tilt and virtual button options are available. The game supports Game Center achievements with plenty of unique challenges to keep you playing. This game is iOS universal, and only one dollar. Hurry up and buy it.

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