iPhone game review: PopcornTrivia

Popcorn Trivia is designed to help users take their movie nights to another level. There are countless modes to choose from, which can help make the game even more engaging and exciting for all types of fans and enthusiasts. Through the specialized modes, users can test their personal film knowledge, play against their friends in a unique and exciting challenge mode, or even host their own game show. With the game show option, you can change up the criteria any way you want, hosting all types of movies across all genres and making the gameplay as difficult or as easy as you would like it to be. The app is also designed to track your progress. This makes it easy for you to earn new ranks and climb up the corporate ladder based on your knowledge. You can rise from the very bottom as a cleaning crew member to the illustrious position of studio head with the right dedication and knowledge!

Through the use of the clever point system, individuals can enjoy a number of perks and benefits as they play through the game. The points that you earn can allow you to keep up with bonuses that you can then strategically use as necessary on all types of lifelines if you feel as though you are having trouble with a question. The right use of these points can allow you to proceed through the game at an even faster and enjoyable pace, without you losing your progress or stumbling through a particularly hard part. Those same bonuses can apply to other players for the same degree of versatile enjoyment.[sc name=”quote” text=”If you love to keep up with movie trivia and want to challenge your friends, PopcornTrivia is definitely an app worth trying.”]

Those who love to keep up with their favorite movies will rejoice in the large range of genres and movies that they can check out from the game’s massive database. The questions are always challenging but fair, designed to test your film knowledge and provide you with a great way to learn at the same time. The questions have all been cleverly created by cinephiles, lovingly established in a game meant to dazzle for all occasions. Because of the large variety of questions, anybody can play this game at parties to make the otherwise single-player experience more social. New movies are added every week and the database of questions is updated to reflect the latest content. Once you get the answer, you can also check out the trivia bits that follow to learn even more about some of your favorite movies.


The Popcorn Trivia app is made for prime entertainment and movie content, and the follow-up trivia also includes things like access to Google maps, a chance to listen to different types of music samples and further dilemma surveys to make the game even more responsive. The game is customizable through the use of Popcorn, which is the currency used in both multiplayer and single-player modes in the game. The Popcorn stash can provide individuals with a great way to customize their avatars and check out the latest and most iconic items from all types of movies. Some of the most popular items include the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter series and the Death Star from the Star Wars series.

The app is extremely easy to install and it is available for play as soon as you get it on your phone. If you love to keep up with movie trivia and want to challenge your friends, this is definitely an app worth trying.

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