Is it a game, art or both? You decide with Loop Raccord

Loop Raccord ($2.99) is a very experimental app from the mind of Nicolai Troshinsky. It is one part art exhibit, one part indie game and has a dash of “What the heck is this?” thrown in for good measure. If you’re tired of seeing countless clones and unoriginal games in the iTunes App Store, you might want to give Loop Raccord a try.

In this app, your objective is to create the illusion of motion from one video clip to the next in a series. In order to accomplish this, you might pause, reposition a clip’s position, and restart it again so it creates the illusion of continuous motion between the two unrelated clips. If your synchronization is dead on, you will receive two points for every added clip. A solo point will be awarded for the nearly perfect sync. The sound and constant motion on the screen makes each additional clip just a bit harder to match up, but with practice, most will get the hang of it.

If the single player or infinite mode aren’t challenging enough, you can join a friend on the same screen and have a one-on-one duel. This certainly adds an element of tension, not found in the single player, and is my favorite way to experience Loop Raccord. You’re able to see your opponent’s progress the entire time, and it’s quite a kick to make that final sync just a beat before he or she can.

This game is quite abstract, so the author was courteous enough to link to a demonstration video to explain how the app is supposed to work. If after watching the well-made tutorial, you still don’t understand what’s happening, you probably never will. I think this app will tend to categorize people into two camps: Those who “get it” and those who don’t. If you fall into the latter group, don’t worry. You’re probably feeling similar to a recent Independent games festival judge who said, “I don’t even know what I’m looking at. Is it art? How is this even a game? Is it broken?”

I don’t think Loop Raccord is broken, but a strange and innovative title that blurs the line between game and art. While it might not be for everyone, I personally found it a pleasure to play.

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