Legends of 100 Heroes – RPG Battles on the go

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This new title is for fans of RPGs, who want to be able to play their favorite genre anytime and anywhere on their phones and tablets.

Legends of 100 Heroes features a meaty campaign with well over a hundred episodes. The story is told mainly via dialogues between the colorful characters before and during fights. While you are forging ahead you get to meet dozens of new characters, most of which you can recruit later on for your own party. As you’re leveling up you are also unlocking quite a number of additional game modes and features that help to gather resources and loot items.

Every character you recruit in the game is then available to be used as a Hero in your party.
They all have their own attacks and special skills you can use in battle and can be upgraded, leveled up and equipped with gear to boost their stats. It was a pleasant surprise to see a mobile game feature most of the RPG elements found otherwise on console and PC platforms.

The Combat system is close to what most fans of JRPGs are familiar with. Battles are a mix of turn-based and real time gameplay, since stamina is also a factor. Your Heroes can fight by themselves if you enable the option, still you are able to trigger their unique Special and Super attacks manually after they are fully charged. This adds another tactical layer to the fights, as you can time your attacks to interrupt enemies that are about to strike or combine different Heroes and their skills so they complement each other.


The visual presentation is completely in 2D with nice hand-drawn graphics and vibrant colors. The main screen does a good job of presenting all the important modes and options placed on a scrolling landscape rather than a menu crammed with options. The Heroes and their animations are looking good as well and are quite unique in their appearance. After all you get bi-pedal dragons, a defender with tiger heads for fists, evil mages or ridiculous burly warriors. The battle stages also vary, but serve only as a background with multiple layers of parallax scrolling as your Heroes rush to battle.


As a welcome addition, the game features multiple Multiplayer PvP modes as well. In the Arena for example you can challenge other players and their Heroes. This doesn’t take place in real time though. Instead you set your own formations for defense and attack to fight other players. If you start the game you can check the replays of players who tried to attack you for example. This way you don’t have to wait for players near your own level to come online before fighting them. For your victories against others in the Arena or the Tournament you’re then able to pick your own rewards from various merchants.


This game is free to play with the option to buy diamonds as a premium currency to speed up various elements. But unlike others you’re can earn yourself a steady supply of these diamonds for completing different activities in the game. This way we were able to play a long time and use more features without having to make purchases.

If you’re into RPGs or looking for a game with unique characters and combat system, you should give Legends of 100 Heroes a try, which can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad.

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