Motivational Apps in the Mobile Space

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For those who work in bursts of energy and have a difficult time keeping constantly motivated, it can be hard to work effectively and efficiently. As a result, many different guides and self-help resources have been created to help users get motivated on a consistent basis. With so many different tools available to influence drive, this article discusses the best apps that should be used by those who wish to maintain a higher level of motivation.

Motivate: Daily Motivation (iOS)

While seeking fresh, inspirational messages on a daily basis can be time consuming, Motivate: Daily Motivation is an app that quickly curates motivational content into a single source.  From videos to quotes and even audio files, users of the app are able to receive motivational content through a clean interface that integrates various images with the message. Furthermore, as motivation stems from a broad spectrum for different people, various categories are made available ranging from courage, potential, mindset, and many more. Given that so many quotes are made available which can be difficult to read and follow, one of the best features associated with Motivate is that users are able to save the content to be read or watched later. In doing so, no important content is missed and can always be referred to at a later time if needed. With so many different media formats that are updated on a regular basis, Motivate is a highly recommended app for those who wish to receive a list of motivational quotes, videos, and audio files in a single place.

Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep (iOS/Android)

Although being motivated is essential to achieving goals, what is more important than simply remaining motivated is to actually take action. With this in mind, Fabulous is an app that helps users enforce effective goals and then offer motivation throughout a 19 day period so that they become habits. For example, if a user had the goal of eating vegetables each day but found it difficult to maintain motivation over a longer period of time, the app would offer reminders, motivational quotes, and even tags that show what the end goal is such as to lose weight. In being reminded of the ultimate goal along the way, users of the app are able to become motivated over a long period of time and ultimately form habits that support their goals.

Nozbe: Productive team (iOS)

For those who wish to get more done, Nozbe is a resource which is able to significantly help organize, prioritize, and keep users motivated. Through the app, users are able to input their goals while the apps tracks performance as well as gamifies the process of completing tasks so that it does not feel like a chore, but rather a game that can be played. In doing so, Nozbe not only constantly motivates users to keep doing more to achieve their goals, but can also track the productivity of the work to ensure that users are doing the most that they can.

Motivation 365 (Android)

Similar to Motivate, Motivation 365 is an app that is designed for Android users which presents catered motivational quotes each day so that users get an extra boost of motivation and drive. In the form of videos, quotes, and wallpapers, users of Motivation 365 can get new sources of inspirational quotes and messages that they are able to save or set as their wallpaper. As so many quotes are made available, users may wish to save the message of that day for later. One of the best aspects of the app is that beyond short quotes and messages, Motivation 365 also has stories which users can read to draw their motivation. For Android users, Motivation 365 is highly recommended tool for those who wish to get a source of inspiration to remain driven.

goalmap – SMART goal setting to stay motivated (iOS/Android)

One of the biggest barriers towards motivation is procrastination which can significantly prevent users from reaching their goals. As a result, goalmap is an app that lets users input their goals and then tracks the progress that they are getting for that particular goal. Perfect for any goal, the app lets users set targets that are highly detailed to include number of times per day, week, or month that they want to do something and then how often the app reminds them to do the task. In being able to see the progress of the goal, users can form positive habits after prolonged usage and remain motivated throughout the journey. What differentials goalmap from other motivational apps is that users of the community are able to post on message boards to help other members remain motivated. In integrating a social aspect to the app that acts as an additional support system, goalmap is one of the best apps available for those who wish to be motivated with the help of others.

Although being constantly motivated can be difficult, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a mental boost for those who are looking for a source of inspiration. From tools that are able to display a curated list of inspirational quotes and videos to others that help users achieve their goal through the help of a social network, these apps are different ways in which those who seek a source of motivation can find what they need.

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