New iPhone apps worth downloading: AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker, Flirt Planet Meet, War in Space

Today’s fresh apps help people with diabetes make good health choices, help out with dating, and bring space-based retro tower defense.

AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker (Free)

What’s it about? Work toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diabetes using AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker, which helps people with diabetes develop good habits and behaviors.

What’s cool? Coping with diabetes can often mean making some lifestyle changes to help avoid complications and maintain good health, but we all know how hard it can be to develop or change longstanding habits. That’s where AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker comes in – it helps people with diabetes work toward making positive lifestyle changes by providing incentives to keep track of their progress on those changes. The app lets you set various goals in seven different categories, and you can also share those goals with others, allowing users to help and support one another. You can then “check in” on your goal progress and leave yourself notes so you can monitor how well you’re doing, and the app will send you automatic notifications at certain times to help keep you on track.

Who’s it for? Users with diabetes who could use a little help making healthy choices and changes in their lives should give Diabetes Goal Tracker a try.

What’s it like? For more handy diabetes health apps, check out iCookbook Diabetic and Diabetes in Check.

Flirt Planet Meet (Free)

What’s it about? Flirt Planet Meet is an online dating app that connects nearby people based on compatibility, allowing you to meet and message new people in your area.

What’s cool? Dating app Flirt Planet Meet focuses on helping users find potential matches in their area by tweaking the formula of other dating sites. The app shows you compatible people based on your customizable “matching sauce,” and then allows you to pick out the people who sound like they’d be a good match for you. Flirt Planet Meet notifies you when other users send you connection requests (as well as notifies those you send requests to), so you don’t have to hope they find and “like” you too from a field of thousands of other users. Once you make a connection, the app provides you with the ability to message with other users – but only if you approve them.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for an app-based online dating solution, you might give Flirt Planet Meet a spin.

What’s it like? There’s plenty more online dating available in OKCupid Dating and Zoosk.

War in Space (Free)

What’s it about? Retrio-styled tower defense game War in Space has players deploying turrets to guard a base from incoming ships.

What’s cool? War in Space’s appeal is in its simplicity. The game is a tower defense game with an old-school styling – players set up as many as five turrets in a side-scrolling level, which fire on incoming ships that move past them toward a goal on the left side of the screen. The idea is to position to the towers in the right places at the right times to be victorious; you can move your turrets around the screen at will, but doing so takes time, and you’ll have to destroy ships to earn enough money to buy upgrades and open up new slots to place turrets. Effectively managing your money and turrets is key to victory, because ships will block each other based on their position – so you’ll need to act fast to get your turrets in the right spots to stop them from making it all the way through. With three different upgradable turrets, War in Space provides just enough elements to be strategic and fun across its 20 levels, without being too complex.

Who’s it for? Players who like tower defense games with a retro look and a simple but challenging style should try War in Space.

What’s it like? Another solid tower defense-style game of a similar nature is Castle Doombad.

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