New iPhone apps worth downloading: Britannica Kids: US Presidents, Haiku Deck update, Dungelot 2

Help your kids learn about the histories of America’s leaders this Presidents Day with Britannica Kids: US Presidents.

Britannica Kids: US Presidents ($0.99)

What’s it about? Learn about all 44 U.S. presidents with Britannica Kids: US Presidents, which includes biographical information, trivia about the office of the presidency, and more.

What’s cool? Britannica Kids: US Presidents is pretty self-explanatory from its name – it’s an app that looks to teach kids a little something about all 44 U.S. presidents, as well as a little something more about their histories, first ladies, and the office itself. The app lets you pull up biography information about each president, along with a photo, and also comes packed with a number of other facts, ranging from teaching kids about each vice president, to tidbits about the Secret Service, Camp David, and more. It also includes a trivia game against which kids can test their presidential knowledge.

Who’s it for? As the name implies, Britannica Kids: US Presidents is aimed at younger users looking to learn about U.S. leaders.

What’s it like? There’s more to learn about the U.S. presidents in US President (American Presidents Life History) and Studacy – U.S. Presidents.

Haiku Deck update (Free)

What’s it about? Presentation app Haiku Deck lets users create slideshows and other presentations, then control them while presenting, with their iOS devices.

What’s cool? Mobile devices are actually pretty great for setting up presentations, especially when you use them in conjunction with other devices like your computer. Haiku Deck is a presentation app that lets you handle everything with your mobile devices: you can create your presentation on your iPad by building slides, leveraging the app’s powerful image search feature, and create things like graphs and charts. Then when it’s time to actually present, you can use your iPhone as a remote to control the action while you speak. Haiku Deck’s most recent update adds the ability to browse through your “decks” with your iPhone, as well as the ability to check out other users’ Haiku Deck presentations for inspiration.

Who’s it for? Users who have to create presentations of just about any type should try Haiku Deck’s system for creating and presenting.

What’s it like? For more options for creating and giving presentations, check out Slideshark and Keynote.

Dungelot 2 (Free)

What’s it about? Following the formula of its super-simple dungeon crawler predecessor, Dungelot 2 sends players into dungeons searching for loot, keys, and monsters to fight.

What’s cool? Dungelot 2 is a dungeon-crawling role-playing game, but with most of the bells and whistles stripped out for a simple, pure experience. Players choose their characters and enter dungeons, which are represented by grids of tiles that you tap to clear – each tap representing your character moving to that place. As you explore, you’ll come across power-ups, spells, other characters, and monsters, which you’ll have to defeat in order to find the key to move on to the next level. Carefully strategizing about what tools to bring with you, when to use your spells, and whether a fight is worth it, is key to getting deep into dungeons and finding their bosses, and you’ll be able to use the loot you find to customize your character and make him or her stronger over time.

Who’s it for? RPG fans and players who get a lot out of the stripped-down presentation of Dungelot should check out this sequel.

What’s it like? Don’t forget to try the original Dungelot, as well as other addictive RPG-style titles, such as Dungeon Raid.

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