New iPhone apps worth downloading: Paper – Stories from Facebook, FlightBoard update, Dawn of the Plow

Find a new way to read your Facebook News Feed with Paper, a slick app with a gorgeous interface and today’s first App Worth Downloading.

Paper – Stories from Facebook (Free)

What’s it about? Paper provides users with a new way to use Facebook, putting a premium on stories found in your “News Feed” and presenting them with a big emphasis on photos and easy browsing.

What’s cool? The majority of Facebook browsing today is done on the News Feed, where users can see what their friends are posting to the social network – be it status updates, photos and videos, or links to articles and news stories. Paper makes browsing that portion of Facebook a lot more visually appealing, keeping news posts and other elements big and easy to read, and making it possible to quickly update your own status or tap into a story that looks interesting to read more about it. The app also lets you turn your device to expand photos and watch full-screen videos, and lets you customize Papers with different sections that particularly interest you.

Who’s it for? Facebook users who want a better way to read Facebook’s News feed should try Paper.

What’s it like? You’ll also want to snag the original Facebook app, as well as Facebook Messenger for getting in touch with friends.

FlightBoard update ($3.99)

What’s it about? Quickly get arrival and departure information for any airport in the world with FlightBoard.

What’s cool? If you need information on flights arriving and departing from an airport, FlightBoard is the app for you. It provides information on tons of flights, covering some 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines, and shows you exactly what you’d see on the board of any of those airports: where flights are going and where they’re coming from, when they’re arriving and departing, and probably most importantly, whether they’re delayed. The app is updated every five minutes with new flight information, and you can narrow it’s scope by searching for particular flights to cut through the noise and share flight information easily through social networks. FlightBoard’s latest update brings a new redesign for iOS 7, as well as some additional flight information.

Who’s it for? If you find yourself needing information on flights or just a quick way to find important updates about your own, try FlightBoard.

What’s it like? More real-time flight information is available in FlightView.

Dawn of the Plow ($1.99)

What’s it about? Dawn of the Plow tasks players to clear roads of snow as fast as they can in a game about keeping your job for as long as possible before inevitably getting fired.

What’s cool? The snow never stops coming in Dawn of the Plow, a top-down driving game in which just handling your snow plow truck is a challenge. Your job is to keep the roads clear so other drivers can get to their destinations, and you’re not limited to roads, allowing you to cut across yards, but that costs you handling in an already difficult to drive vehicle. If you let piles of snow block traffic for too long, you’ll be fired; crash into another driver and you’ll get sacked as well. Dawn of the Plow lets you track how well you did (that is, how long you kept your job) against other players on its online leaderboards, and provides users with three different sizes of game area to play on to increase difficulty.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual arcade games that require a lot of skill and a little luck will find Dawn of the Plow to be a fun diversion.

What’s it like? You might also have a good time with arcade racers like Death Rally and Slingshot Racing.

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