New iPhone apps worth downloading: Reporter App, Threes!, Only One

Fire up today’s first app worth downloading, Reporter App, and use it to save all kinds of information about yourself and what you do.

Reporter App ($3.99)

What’s it about? Keep track of your life with Reporter App, a life-blogging app that lets you jot down what you’re up to at any given time with a clean, easy to use interface.

What’s cool? Reporter is an app for tracking all those little moments in your life, for whatever purpose you might need. The app makes it easy to track things like what you’re doing and who you’re with in quick, easy surveys, with the idea of logging away all that information for when you might need it. Reporter throws surveys at you at various times, and whenever it does, it’ll keep track of information like where you are, the weather at the time, how many steps you’ve taken since your last entry, and more. The idea is that if you want information about yourself – your moods and the factors that contribute to them, the activities you do in a given day, who you spend too much or not enough time with, whatever – Reporter can help you get it.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for an app for recording elements about their life should see about Reporter’s minimalist take on the service.

What’s it like? Record more about your life with 1 Second Everyday and OptimizeMe.

Threes! ($1.99)

What’s it about? Puzzler Threes! challenges players to add various number tiles together to get the biggest numbers they can, while carefully planning moves around a grid to keep it form overfilling.

What’s cool? A lot of the principles behind Threes! are not dissimilar to games in the Match 3 genre. Players are presented with a grid of numbered tiles, and the goal is to combine twinned, adjacent numbers to add them together to make a larger number. Every time you swipe the screen, all the tiles are moved in the direction you swipe, so you’ll need to use the edges of the grid to move tiles into positions where there are blank squares. Wrinkles that require strategy start popping up as more tiles are added, and tiles numbered with 1 and 2 can only be combined together to make 3 (while 3 and higher tiles can only be paired with their twins). The higher the numbers on your tiles, the higher the score you’ll pull down when you finally run out of moves.

Who’s it for? Puzzle game fans will find Threes! to be deceptively simple and yet very challenging.

What’s it like? You might also want to check out developer Sirvo’s previous game, Puzzlejuice, for another challenging and creative puzzler.

Only One (Free)

What’s it about? Fight intense, pixelated battles to the death in Only One, a hack-and-slash title in which you must fight with a magic sword until you’re the only one left standing.

What’s cool? Only One has a bit of a Highlander feel to it. Trapped atop a giant sacrificial pillar that serves as a battle arena, you take hold of a magic sword and find yourself under an onslaught of fighters and monsters in a battle to be the last one standing. The fighting is simple – you need to attack enemies with your sword when they leave themselves open, but you’ll have to deflect their blows or dodge them to stay alive. Killing enemies results in more life and “power,” which you can use to upgrade your character as you fight to withstand ever-tougher waves of enemies. Each 10 waves is also capped off with a boss fight to ratchet up the challenge even more.

Who’s it for? Players who like hack-and-slash action with some slight role-playing-like features will find Only One to be an addictive good time.

What’s it like? Try games like Solstice Arena and D&D: Arena of War for more intense arena battles.

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