New iPhone apps worth downloading: Savor – Savings. Simplified., R-Type II, Stop – Fun Categories Word Game

Find deals, sales and great prices on products with the help of iPad app Savor, our first app worth downloading for the day.

Savor – Savings. Simplified. (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Search for deals and coupons on Savor, an app that looks to create a personalized experience to help you find the best prices.

What’s cool? Shopping app Savor is focused on helping users find they’re way through catalogs to the products they want. The app includes tons of products spread across a number of retailers and categories, and helps you find not only what it is you want to buy, but also the sales, deals and coupons you need to get the price you want. The app also provides personalized offers tailored by the brands you like or by using data from your Facebook profile, and sends Push notifications your way for sales that will interest you. Savor lets you bookmark offers to return to them later, and its deals are refreshed daily so you’ll always see the latest offers.

Who’s it for? Coupon cutters and other frugal shoppers might want to check out the deals found in Savor.

What’s it like? Find more ways to save money using Groupon and The Coupons App.

R-Type II ($1.99)

What’s it about? Jump in your ship and blast aliens in some classic 1989 shoot-’em-up action with R-Type II.

What’s cool? Side-scolling shooter R-Type II is one of the earlier examples of the modern shoot-’em-up. First released in 1989, players pilot a ship against a fleet of alien enemies, dodging tons of bullets and blasting their way through huge bosses. R-Type II contains six levels, each culminating in a boss fight, and the game has been reworked to support both touch-based and virtual control schemes. You can upgrade your ship over time with power-ups to make it more effective in battle, and the mobile version of R-Type II includes three different difficulty modes to give players more options in their alien-blasting mayhem.

Who’s it for? If you like old-school shooters, R-Type II is a must-have classic.

What’s it like? Grab the original R-Type, as well as Sine Mora for more intense bullet-ridden action.

Stop – Fun Categories Word Game (Free)

What’s it about? Stop challenges players face off against other players, each coming up with words as quickly as they can in given categories.

What’s cool? Word games are pretty good at taking a simple premise and making it into an addictive competition, and that’s what you’ll get when you fire up Stop. The game presents you with several categories, like “colors,” and a letter, like “B,” and challenges you to come up with as many words starting with the letter and falling into the category as possible. Stop is a multiplayer game in which players take turns coming up with words that start with a specific letter across several categories. You have as much time as you need to come up with words, but the faster, the better, because you’re able to hit a button to stop your turn at any time – thus challenging your opponent to meet or beat your time.

Who’s it for? Fans of word games and multiplayer challenges should put their skills to the test with Stop.

What’s it like? Take on other players in word games with Words with Friends and Letterpress.

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