New iPhone apps worth downloading: Spoiler Shield update, Tocomail – safe email for kids, Toast Time

Keep the Winter Olympics spoiler-free – at least on Twitter and Facebook – with Spoiler Shield, our first app worth downloading today.

Spoiler Shield update (Free)

What’s it about? Block mentions on social media of anything you’re worried might be “spoiled” with the help of Spoiler Shield.

What’s cool? With the 2014 Winter Olympics in full swing in Sochi, Russia, there are lots of people out there who don’t want to know the outcomes of events until they’ve had a chance to watch them, on TV or elsewhere. Unfortunately, the world of social media means it’s easy for others to inadvertently spoil the outcome of events like the Olympics, the finale of your favorite show, or what have you. Spoiler Shield taps into your social media and filters out posts that you’d rather not see, helping to keep you isolated form spoilers until you’ve had a chance to check out what it is you’re interested in seeing. The app does the work of weeding out posts on shows, albums or whatever else, so you can just pick what you don’t want to hear about and let the app do the rest. The latest update to Spoiler Shield adds lots more sports, TV shows, and albums to the list of shielded items, and brings a new redesign as well.

Who’s it for? If you’re the kind of person who hates to have something ruined by an errant Twitter or Facebook post, check out Spoiler Shield.

What’s it like? For the absolute opposite effect, nab Spoiler and spoil yourself on the endings of movies.

Tocomail – safe email for kids (Free)

What’s it about? As the name states, Tocomail offers email service that kids can use safely, allowing them to communicate with family, share things like photos and images, and more.

What’s cool? Tocomail is set up to be a kid’s first email account. The app is great for younger users, sporting a simplified user interface for the youngest Internet users and a normal one for older kids, and comes with a number of controls to give parents the ability to decide what they’re kids are able to do with the app. That includes a “safe” list on which parents can put email accounts, allowing the app to automatically accept messages from them and quarantine emails from addresses that aren’t on the list. Parents receive notifications to their own email accounts about quarantined messages, which they can then review and, if they’re okay, clear to go to their kids’ inboxes.

Who’s it for? Parents who want to give their kids access to email but still keep an eye out to make they’re safe should try Tocomail.

What’s it like? More kid email options are available with Maily and Kids Email.

Toast Time ($2.99)

What’s it about? Battle for breakfast in Toast Time, a retro game in which players control a toaster that launches bread at waves of approaching enemies.

What’s cool? Toast Time might not sound like it makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t really need to. Players control Terry the Toaster, who flings himself through the air by firing bread at enemies or the ground. Your goal is to blast enemies as they approach an alarm clock that you have to guard, but each piece of toast you fire sends you flying around the screen, which can make aiming difficult. In order to keep Terry’s clock safe, you’ll have to time shots carefully, and every shot you make in succession earns you a points bonus. There are also power-ups you can nab by shooting crates, which give you new kinds of toast to fire away at bad guys.

Who’s it for? If you like arcade-style games with a retro look and a goofy take on their subject matter and controls, check out Toast Time.

What’s it like? Other fun arcade games of similar style include Pix’n Love Rush and Geometry Wars Touch.

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