New iPhone apps worth downloading: Freebird Indie Music & Video Discovery, Final Fantasy VI, Line of Defense Tactics

Topping today’s apps worth downloading has got to be Final Fantasy VI, the long-awaited mobile release of Square Enix’s classic role-playing game.

Freebird Indie Music & Video Discovery (Free)

What’s it about?Find new music and artists on the indie music scene with Freebird Indie Music & Video Discovery, an app packed with indie artists that brings information, and more importantly, songs to check out.

What’s cool? Discovering new music you’ll like can be tough, but it can be made a little easier with Freebird Indie Music. The app is full of indie artists that you can search through and sample in the app; page through the top 50, for example, and you can read about bands, check out their Twitter feeds, listen to tracks and watch videos, and even pop into iTunes and buy songs. Freebird keeps track of top indie artists and ranks them by thinks like Facebook likes and other social media indicators to help you stay up with the pulse of what’s going on. The app also lets you share things like videos with others across social media, and makes it easy to find bands and videos your Facebook friends like.

Who’s it for? Indie music fans looking for a new way to find new music should give Freebird Indie Music a spin.

What’s it like? Other good ways of finding new music to try include Viggle and SoundHound.

Final Fantasy VI ($15.99)

What’s it about? Another of developer Square Enix’s classic 16-bit role-playing games, Final Fantasy VI puts players in a world where magic exists and an evil empire oppresses all.

What’s cool? Final Fantasy VI was first released in 1994 (back then it was known as Final Fantasy III in the U.S.), and became a classic of Square Enix’s 16-bit RPG series. The game features a ton of characters who work through a lengthy story campaign as they resist the Empire, an oppressive regime that has taken an interest in Terra, seemingly the only person left in the world who can use magic. This version is based on the 2006 remake for the Sony Playstation, and packs new features like iCloud save support, new mobile-ready controls and reworked graphics.

Who’s it for? Fans of classic Final Fantasy games shouldn’t miss what might be the best in the series, even though some of Square Enix’s changes to the game might be a bit controversial.

What’s it like? For more great Square Enix classics, definitely pick up Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy V.

Line of Defense Tactics (Free)

What’s it about? Fight strategy battles on the ground and in space in Line of Defense Tactics, a game based on the upcoming Line of Defense massively multiplayer online game and its comics.

What’s cool? You’re the commander of a squad of elite fighters in Line of Defense Tactics, and it’s your job to complete missions by carefully using the strengths of your team to defeat enemies. The game takes players across several missions – the first three of which are free and the latter 13 of which can be snagged through in-app purchase – that span different locations, like bases and space stations, planetary battlefields, and space itself. You’ll command vehicles like spacecraft and tanks in battle, and your team is persistent, meaning that if you mess up and lose a squad mate, you’ll lose them for good.

Who’s it for? Fans of the Line of Defense comics or just those who are looking for a space-based real-time strategy game should check out what Line of Defense Tactics has to offer.

What’s it like? Check out StarFront: Collision and Galaxy at War Online for more strategy games with an interstellar setting.

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