New iPhone apps worth downloading: Wattpad eBook Reader, Skycheckin, Rocket Robo

Check out our first app worth downloading today, Wattpad, and find an e-book reader with millions of free books – or write something of your own.

Wattpad eBook Reader update (Free)

What’s it about? Free e-book reader Wattpad brings millions of books to users, making it easy to download them and read them, as well as to keep up with books across multiple devices.

What’s cool? Wattpad is packed full of e-books that users can download to any of their iOS devices and read for free. The app includes a library of some 20 million books, allowing you to download books to read to your iOS devices. Wattpad also keeps track of your furthest read page, so it’s easy to read the same book across multiple devices. There’s also a full social network within the app, with which users can follow each other and see what they’re reading, and share their favorite e-books. The app even allows users to write and post fanfiction within the app, making it possible for others to read the material as well. Wattpad’s latest update lets users create in-line comments in their books, which can be shared with other readers.

Who’s it for? Wattpad is great for avid readers looking for lots more e-books to read.

What’s it like? For more e-books you can read on your iOS devices, grab Amazon Kindle and Kobo Books.

Skycheckin (Free)

What’s it about? Take flights and meet people on them with you using Skycheckin, a networking app that isn’t just for business people.

What’s cool? You’ve seen location-based check-in apps for events and businesses, but Skycheckin takes the idea and extends it to commercial plane flights. When you’re about to fly, you can “check in” to the flight you’ll be taking using your iOS device’s GPS capabilities and a list of flights leaving your airport, and in so doing, you can see who else is on the flight with you – giving you a chance to meet them before (or after) departure, and more. Skycheckin is handy for business people looking for every opportunity to network, and the app includes a message system that lets you get in touch with other flyers during and after the flight.

Who’s it for? Skycheckin is lightly aimed at business people for networking, but it’s useful for anyone who wants to bring a social angle to flying.

What’s it like? Make more flights into social experiences with SocialFlight and FlightBuddies.

Rocket Robo ($0.99)

What’s it about? Rocket Robo is an arcade action game in which players guide a robot carefully through various puzzles, grabbing stars along the way and avoiding deadly traps.

What’s cool? Rocket Robo takes place on various strange planets, where the only mandate is to make it through each level, picking up stars along the way. The trouble is, your robot only has thrusters that let it travel up and down. You can give some sideways momentum to your movements by tilting your device, but low gravity and inertia mean you’ll have to be careful about how you fly you robot around each level. Rocket Robo is a 2.5-D game, which means players can shift into the background and foreground of each side-scrolling level in order to solve it, and levels become more complex as you’ll need to do things like manipulate gravity, teleport from location to location and even flip levels themselves.

Who’s it for? Players who like casual games about careful movement and finding the way forward should try Rocket Robo.

What’s it like? Other fun games with a similar tone and gameplay philosophy include Waking Mars and Incoboto.

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