Perfect iPhone Apps for New Parents

50,000 Baby Names – Connect Your Friends and Let Them Share Their Favorite Names with You

You won’t need any other app to choose a name for your boy or girl. This app combines a huge database (50000 names) with lots of search and filter options, comprehensive info about each name, lists, and even a poll.


Total Baby – Diapers, Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Pumping, Sleeping, Nursing, Bath time Tracker for Newborn

The app will keep your finger on the pulse of all aspects of your baby’s progress. It features 14 separate timing, tracking and logging functions, including diapers, milestones, nursing, pumping, doctor visits, a diary, sleeping habits and vaccines.


BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor)

The app turns your smartphone into a baby monitoring system. It listens in on the room’s activity — and if it detects noise that exceeds a preset level, it will call a designated number and allow you to listen in on your little one.


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