Play against friends or your iPhone with Monopoly app

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I would love to win more than just a free drink with purchase of a Big Mac at McDonald's during its yearly Monopoly game, which is now underway for 2016.  In the meantime, I have Monopoly Here & Now game for the iPhone.

The Monopoly game app has the same basic setup as the classic board game, with a couple of twists for this iPhone edition. For one, you can play against the computer or with others in your Wi-Fi vicinity. Having a Chromecast device, the game runs on TV screen. Also, select your game piece and start playing with a roll of the dice, or in this case, a shake of the phone.monopoly2

True Monopoly fans will likely appreciate the social aspect of playing better than those playing against the computer, as the drama is heightened and you know you are playing against real people. Especially because the computer seems to be unbeatable and clearly knows what you have in hands. In this digital version, Monopoly allows you to view the bank totals of all participating players. That just means there is one less way to cheat your way to victory.

At $3.99, the fully unlocked game may seem pricey, but the graphics and interactive options keep it engaging. And you’ll get hours of gameplay, always a worthy investment.

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