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With all the wonders the internet and smartphones have brought to the world, they have also unleashed an abundance of unsettling privacy issues. Even with the most basic online activities, you are at the mercy of malevolent third parties licking their chops over the thought of getting access to your personal information - including your identity, location, and web traffic. Before you completely unplug yourself and your phone from the interwebs, don’t do it, because VPN apps providing all-around safeguarding solutions are only a download away!

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is basically a secure haven for your online activity impenetrable to unwanted cyber-snoopers. A VPN also comes in handy when you’re connected to a highly vulnerable, public Wi-Fi network, or you want to access games, websites and other services unavailable at your location. By using a VPN, you are putting the fate of your cyber identity into the hands of the service provider, so choosing wisely is highly advised.

Liquidum Limited’s Rocket VPN is among the most trustworthy VPN apps on the market and delivers all the security necessities you can think of. By encrypting your private mobile data, Rocket VPN ensures that all the precious pieces of your personal information are kept away from intruders, and by anonymizing your connection, it prevents hostile cyber stalkers from tracking either your identity or your location. To put the final nail in the coffin of online criminals, Rocket VPN allows you to lock down your security and thus block anyone from spying on your web traffic.

As for the ever-important design, Rocket VPN boasts an easy-on-the-eyes, sleek look that is in perfect harmony with the app’s user-friendly essence. Despite its name, setting up the app is anything but rocket science, since igniting Rocket VPN’s features only requires a few taps – two of them, to be exact. With the firs tap, you select the location of your VPN, and with the second one, you press connect, and then it’s takeoff time!

Rocket VPN’s free version offers 250 MB data usage per month (before you get your hopes up, unused bandwidth cannot be carried over to the next month), one VPN location (the United States), and has irritatingly persevering in-app ads that pop up each time you launch Rocket VPN, but unlimited access is always at your fingertips in the form of two subscription plans. The monthly subscription goes for 3.99 USD per, while the yearly option is a real bargain for 23.99 USD. Subscription scores you a rocket-propelled hat trick: it immolates pestering ads, provides access to the entire assortment of VPN locations, and, to save the best for last, gives you unlimited data. All in all, if your goal is to secure your iPhone or iPad from the legion of dangers lurking in the shadows of the internet, Rocket VPN is definitely one of the best and most easy-to-use choices out there.

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