Say goodbye to repetition and hello to automation

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More often than not, we have to perform a task on our iOS device(s), that involves some kind of repetition. Whether it be sending a template message (“Can you pick me up at 2pm?”), making a phone call or viewing the local weather report. Either way this can be a tedious and time consuming process - one which can easily be avoided.

That is where the Actions app can help, by enabling you to create and customize one tap actions for your everyday needs. Create an action to view the news, send a text message, find the nearest restaurant and much more, all in one app.

In comparison to its competitors, the Actions app takes a different approach to task automation. Instead of constantly redirecting the user to a slur of different iOS apps, the Actions app simply performs the task at hand. For example, the user can view the news, make a FaceTime call, look up local weather reports and much more – all without ever having to leave the app. A lot of time (and battery power) is wasted whenever the user has to switch to and from apps, especially on older devices. The Actions doesn’t need to send you to another app, thus helps to make you more productive by giving you the time to perform other actions within a shorter timeframe.

The home screen of the app is where you’ll find a list containing all your actions. A single tap runs the action, whilst a swipe from the right gives you options to edit or delete an existing action. All actions have colored tags which allow you to quickly distinguish between different categories. For example, a blue colored tag called “Social”, could be used in conjunction with all message based actions (i.e.: emails, tweets, posts, etc…) to denote a category that involves communication. Tags are particularly helpful when scrolling or searching through the list of actions.

Each action can be customized to suite your needs – add attachments, message recipients, tags, links and much more via the action composer page. The Actions app can also remind you of your favorite actions at a specific date/time or location.

The main emphasis of the app is speed, from creating an action to running one is a matter of seconds. Whats more, you have to setup your desired actions only once. To help maintaining ease of access, the Actions app provides four main ways of running any action: via the main app, quick access widget, action notification or with a simple spotlight search.

We have reached out the developer Daniel Sadjadian and asked about what the future holds for the Actions app: There is much to be excited about, future updates will bring support for the Apple Watch and other 3rd party accessories, as well as an ever increasing variety of action types to choose from. Our ultimate goal is to turn the Actions app into the ultimate task automation community. A place for people to create, share and discover actions which can save time, reduce stress and take care of repetitive tasks.”

The Actions app is available to download on the App Store.

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