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Screenplay App is a screenwriting video tutorial app that teaches student screenwriters how to develop a screenplay.

Screenplay App is the app for student screenwriters and all novice writers alike. The app guides students through developing a screenplay in a fun and interactive way. Students learn how to develop a screenplay in five steps by following the guided tutorial.

Students are able to give their screenplay a title, describe their story in one sentence, create their characters, write a biography for their characters, and write the treatment for their screenplay.

The app provides all the necessary information and tools needed to make students very comfortable in the screenplay development process. Students move at their own pace with fun tools to track their progress.

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What sets the Screenplay App apart? The interface is very easy to navigate and the video guide makes it a fun way to learn. The app also provides many free and premium functions which include:

Screenplay Data Storage

Once students have finished developing their screenplay, they’ll be able to download all screenplay data within the app to transfer over to a desktop computer and continue the development process through various screenwriting professional softwares.

Recommended Reading

Students will be provided a list of incredible screenplays to read through the journey of learning how to develop a screenplay. Students can track their reading progress within the app by highlighting the screenplays they’ve read. A new recommended screenplay will be added weekly.

Screenplay Coverage

Once students have completed their screenplay, they’re able to send over their screenplay for notes within the app. Students also receive notes back, sent directly through the app. Students can then check the notes and work on their next draft or work on developing another screenplay.

Writing can sometimes feel like a task, with the Screenplay App, writing is fun and exciting. As students continue their journey in screenwriting, they can leave feedback within the app to help the developers add new features or improve on existing features. The mission of the Screenplay App is to take students from novice writers to professional screenwriters.

Privacy Protection

All students’ information on the Screenplay App is secure. Individual students are the only ones with access to their information. Additionally, students can delete their data at any time if they choose to do so. For more information on Screenplay App’s privacy policy. To get the Screenplay App, please visit the App Store.

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