Special iPhone apps for a happy Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a roundup of the best iPhone apps geared for dad’s special holiday. Some are informative, some are entertaining, and others are just fun.

Father’s Day Quotes (99 cents)

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to express how you feel about your dad. Well, Father’s Day Quotes is a treasure trove of excellent quotes. You can mark your favorite quotes and sayings, and even share them on Twitter.

Father’s Day Festivities (99 cents)

I like how you can learn about the history of Father’s Day in this country, as well as how it’s celebrated around the world in 52 other countries.. Another thing I like is the unique gift ideas feature, which can be useful if your dad is tired of getting neckties. Also useful is the feature that suggests different ways to celebrate the day.

Photo Captions Free

Here’s a way to create sweet messages for your dad with captions on your favorite photos. It also works for other special events, such as Mother’s Day. Add decorative frames and special effects. For more options and features, there’s a paid version for $1.99.

Me and My Dad ($1.99)

This is a hybrid-type of app that includes different things, such as adding captions to photos to create photo cards, special quotes, sayings and more. You can create as many as you want and save them and share them online on Twitter and Facebook.

The Dads App ($3.99)

This app is based on the book “The Dads’ Book, For The Dad Who’s Best at Everything” by Michael Heatey. It’s chock full of humorous features, such as “Cheesy Things Your Dad Says,” as well as a witty guide full of sage advice, such as how to get the kids to bed on time and how to make a bow and arrow.

Famous Fathers Day Poems (99 cents)

Here’s a nice collection of poetry all about Dear Old Dad. There’s a handy bookmarking feature that saves your place and you can share any poem you want via email, SMS or Facebook. Also fun is the ability to shake your iPhone to read a random poem.

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