Standardized Test Prep I — SAT and ACT

SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 2, by The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is one of the best resources for college prep, and their iPhone app consistently gets great reviews. Nice user interface and quality content — what more could you want?! ($4.99)


SAT Vocab Practice For Dummies

In line with the popular “Dummies” series, they developed an easy to use vocabulary prep tool on-the-go! ($0.99)


411 Prep: SAT Math

This app is geared towards the kinds of math questions you’ll be tested on when taking the SAT. Forget what you learned in 9th grade geometry? This app will help you remember how to find the area of a triangle in now time! (It’s 1/2 base x height, in case you were wondering.) ($4.99)


ACT Math Prep Practice Test Questions for College and University Admissions

The SAT and ACT are inherently different, so it’s best to brush up on the styles tested on each test. This app contains more than 1,300 math questions, so you better get started!


SAT Prep Reading

The dreaded reading comprehension section… This app will help make you feel comfortable with your ability to answer the most frustrating section of all.


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