Stop the press for NBC Nightly News iPhone app

For those who like NBC’s Brian Williams and his program, “Nightly News,” but can’t always find time to tune in during his scheduled broadcast, the Nightly News iPhone app is a great alternative.

The app brags both the slick, high-production feel of the television show and lots of interesting, substantive content. It’s composed entirely of short video clips, segments taken directly from Brian Williams’ news program, so users can pick and chose headlines that appeal to them.

There is no shortage of interesting story topics. Recent clips included a report on the resignation of Michelle Rhee, the controversial head of the Washington D.C. public school system, and Continental Airlines’ decision to eliminate free meals on flights, the last major carrier to do so. And, of course, there were dozens of videos on the Chilean miners recently freed from the San Jose mine.

Users can browse news clips by most-recent, and by most-viewed. Further, entire hour-long broadcasts are also available by date. The app allows easy access to Facebook and Twitter, so all content can be shared via social media. And finally, the app also provides users with a direct link the MSNBC iPhone app, so they can browse other programs or headlines.

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