Style Studio Fashion Designer iPhone app lets you play fashion designer

The Style Studio Fashion Designer ($1.99) iPhone app is a worthwhile download for anyone with an interest in fashion design. Although the app focuses more on the look of the item rather than its construction, the app’s friendly interface makes creating and storing your designs quick and simple.

I was impressed with the variety of designs that could actually be created through Style Studio. There are 27 items to choose from in the basic categories of dresses, tops, outerwear, pants and skirts.  Each basic offers some sort of alteration option—skirts offer different lengths, pants can become shorts or capris, and some tops can have different sleeves or collars.

When you select a material pattern, you’ll be able to choose the color of each part (inner and outer colors on a maze print, for instance) and you can cut the fabric if you don’t want it to cover the entire garment. I had difficulty cutting because I couldn’t find a way to see the clothing item behind the pattern square. I believe this is a glitch, but cutting random patterns created a cool effect nonetheless. Once you’re happy with your material, Style Studio lets you add overlay patterns or notions like zippers, buttons and bows. You can take photos and use the images as materials to further personalize the app, too.

After the garment is complete, you can share it over Facebook or Twitter and save it to your Style Studio closet. Through the “Dress Up” menu option, you can try your designs out on the included models and add accessories such as shoes, sunglasses and jewelry. The options here are limited and really the only part of the app I wish was expanded.

Now, if there was only an app that would actually make the clothes for you…

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