The Best Apps For Yoga Enthusiasts

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Yoga is a craze that benefits your mind and body, increasing your strength, balance, and flexibility while also losing weight, burning fat, toning your body and relieving stress. Essentially, pretty much anything you could possibly want.

Below are five awesome apps to help you become a yoga pro: (iOS, Android) brings you your own personal yoga instructor without ever having to leave the house or deal with the pressure of learning a new skill in a classroom environment. The app offers videos of each routine in six different languages, allowing you to learn at your own speed. The app offers 45 programs of varying different levels, so there is something for everyone from beginners to yoga pros. There are even 3D muscle images showing a detailed image of each pose. There is a handy calendar built into the app that allows you to easily keep track of the days that you work-out, making it super easy to get into a yoga routine.

Global Yoga Academy (iOS, Android)

Global Yoga Academy has a class for everyone, from those looking for a quick five-minute routine in the morning to people seeking an hour-long meditation session. The app contains over 200 poses that can be used to make your own custom programs. There are also readymade programs, designed to help you meet your fitness goals or help with issues such as back pain. A really nice feature is the ability to download classes, meaning that you can carry on with your yoga schedule anywhere in the world. Global Yoga Academy also provides users with an online community, so that you can ask others for help or simply chat about your routines.

5-Minute Yoga (iOS, Android)

As the name of the app suggests, 5-minute Yoga offers users with quick and easy 5-minute yoga routines. This is the perfect app for anyone looking to introduce yoga into their life but needs something that fits around their busy lifestyle. Poses are easy to get the hang of thanks to the images and easy to understand descriptions, with each poses being designed with a quick work-out in mind. There is a handy timer on the screen, so you can see when your 5-minute session is up and preventing you from getting behind on your busy schedule. With 5-minute yoga there is no excuse to not introduce a little bit of calm into your day, whether it before breakfast in the morning or during you lunch break.

Daily Yoga (iOS, Android)

Daily Yoga is a great app for anyone looking to start yoga but doesn’t want the stress of a classroom environment. The app offers users over 300 different poses to try and over 200 sessions to complete, in the form of videos with the guidance of your own confidence-building instructor. You can also choose the length of your work-out, perfect for those days when you only have five minutes spare and can’t quite fit in a longer session. The app also contains calming background music, to help you truly get into the relaxing mindset needed for any successful yoga session. Daily Yoga understands that it can be hard to get into a new routine and has incorporated a reminder system into the app, helping you to work a little yoga into your daily life.

Yoga for Kids (Android)

Yoga has been proven to have amazing benefits for children, helping them to relax and zone out from what can be a stressful world at times, as well as building self-esteem. Yoga for kids and been designed specifically for children, with simple instructions and images that make it easy to learn new poses and have fun along the way. Poses have been designed to promote physical strength and to help kids learn about their own bodies and how to use all of their muscles in new ways. The app offers a calendar and all of the tools needed for children to become independent and manage their own yoga schedule, building their confidence and sense of independence.

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