The Best Apps to Deal with Anxiety

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One of the most common forms of mental disorder is significant anxiety and fear for non-threatening situations. Although this can be minor in symptoms and overlooked as a serious condition, millions of people suffer from episodes of anxiety on a regular basis which may affect health and mental wellness. As a result, medication which varies in effectiveness has been developed, although not everybody is comfortable with this method of treatment, this article discusses the apps that can be used to help ease the symptoms associated with anxiety.

Pacifica for Stress & Anxiety (iOS/Android)

The most well-known app that is used to reduce instances of stress and anxiety is Pacifica which brings audio exercises to help listeners remain calm. As a self-help tool that does not require any form of medicine or a professional, the app lets users control their symptoms in a way that is more natural and sustainable when compared to other alternatives. One of the best aspects of the app is that users can track their different moods over time so that they can see if their mental health is improving or not according to their emotions. For example, feelings of anger and negative emotions should theoretically decline over time with enough usage of Pacifica as users can better control their anxiety. Beyond this, goals can be set which are designed to reduce instances of anxiety such as drinking less coffee consumption or getting more sleep. As one of the most popular tools that can be used to address mild anxiety, Pacifica is a highly recommended app to improve the symptoms.

7 Cups – Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression (iOS/Android)

One of the best ways to deal with any form of mental illness is to talk to a professional such as a psychologist. However, given the stigma that still exists surrounding mental health as well as the costs associated with a visit, this becomes inaccessible to many people. With this, 7 Cups is an app that connects those who wish to talk anonymously with trained volunteers who listen and walk the user through episodes of anxiety. By being able to connect instantly, users can chat with the volunteers at any time when they are needed instead of having to schedule appointments afterwards. Beyond this, exercises and activities that are designed to help the user remain calm on their own also exist, making 7 Cups a highly recommended app for those who wish to discuss their thoughts and problems anonymously to reduce their feelings of anxiety.

Headspace: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness (iOS/Android)

Although not directly designed solely for addressing instances of anxiety, Headspace is an app that helps reduce stress which is a significant contributor to anxiety. Covering everything from sleep to stress, the guided meditation coach walks users through turbulent times with mindfulness exercises which are designed to reduce the feelings of anxiety. Perfect for building up a basic foundation that can be used to address any kind of stress, the app gradually prepares users with the knowledge by giving daily lessons that are bite-sized and easy to consume. Although many of the anxiety-based apps that exist are designed to be used by adults, one of the best features of Headspace is that it can also be used by kids as a section of the app is dedicated solely to children who may be experiencing anxiety. With this, there are guided exercises with young meditators so that the kids are able to experience someone who is more similar in nature. With all of these features, Headspace is one of the most comprehensive apps for dealing with stress and particularly anxiety.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax (iOS/Android)

A big issue for those who often experience anxiety is the inability to sleep which can further add to the feelings of stress. With this issue, Calm is a highly recommended app for those who need to be able to relax as it offers stories to fall asleep, soothing sounds, breathing exercises that are designed to help relax the listener, and music. The combination of these different mechanisms is designed to help users be able to relax which is especially applicable for those who experience anxiety. Furthermore, the use of daily programs including exercises for sleeping, remaining calm, and stress management can be used to meet specific goals over a period of time. As one of the best-designed apps for relaxation, Calm is a perfect for reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate (iOS/Android)

One of the best forms of dealing with anxiety and other mild forms of mental illness is to meditate and reflect. As a task that is extremely easy, many people are often confused by how to meditate given its nature. However, Stop Breathe & Think is exactly what it sounds like. Through the app, users can learn various breathing techniques that are designed to optimize their ability to think as well as meditate during instances of anxiety. Although this may appear to be intuitive initially, the various techniques are tailored to each user based on how they currently feel. Recommended by top therapists, Stop Breathe & Think may appear to be basic but offers a great degree of utility in terms of coping with anxiety.

Although the tools listed in this article are able to reduce instances of mild anxiety, more extreme cases should be consulted with a medical professional as apps may not be enough to treat the symptoms. However, the tools in this article can provide a strong foundation for those who experience instances of anxiety by presenting self-help exercises, connecting users with volunteers to discuss their feelings, and learn to remain calm.

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