The best breastfeeding apps all first-time moms must have on their iPhone

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Being a mom is as demanding of a task as it is rewarding and beautiful, which is exponentially true if you’re a first-time mom. Overcoming your fears of not doing things right is paramount to becoming an experienced mom capable of handling any situation – and making minor mistakes along the way is part of the process, so there’s no use in being ashamed or blaming yourself, more so because nobody starts out perfect. No matter how well-prepared you are, as a first-time mom, you need all the help you can get – including help from relevant iPhone apps. The breastfeeding apps introduced in the compilation below will assist you in several areas of taking care of your newborn, and thus will make your life as a mom a whole lot easier.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”1″ title=”Baby Nursing – Breastfeeding Tracker”]

babynursingBaby Nursing – Breastfeeding Tracker is a versatile app with which you can track your little one’s nursing progress, diaper changes, growth, doctor’s visits, height, weight, head size, and much more. You can review daily nursing averages and cumulative totals on easy-to-comprehend graphs, and the app can also calculate the amount you’ve fed your baby. Baby Nursing – Breastfeeding Tracker also works as a virtual baby diary, as you can record unforgettable moments, milestones, and daily happenings, and add photos, videos, and sound.


[sc name=”numlist” number=”2″ title=”MammaBaby – Breastfeeding Logger”]

mammababyMammaBaby – Breastfeeding Logger was handpicked by the Apple staff in 2015 as one of the best iPhone apps for first-time parents, so it definitely won’t let you down like a terrible movie with an awesome trailer. Using MammaBaby, you can keep track of the daily activities of up to 5 babies and log feeding, diaper change, sleeping, growth, and developmental milestones. There are bar charts for sleeping, feeding and diaper, and four interactive charts for growth data. You can set up alarms for a variety of tasks, get parenting tips, and record and share milestones.


[sc name=”numlist” number=”3″ title=”Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log)”]

babytrackerBaby Tracker introduces itself as an app that was designed by busy parents for busy parents, and based on how user-friendly it is and on its Swiss army knife-like versatility, that claim seems to be absolutely true. Baby Tracker comes equipped with a comprehensive feedings tracker packed with a plethora of handy features such as a powerful nursing timer and a notes section, a diaper change tracker, sleep schedule logging, growth records logging, milestones logging, medical history logging, and data interpretation.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”4″ title=”Feed Baby – Breastfeeding and Baby Connect Tracker”]

feedbabyFeed Baby – Breastfeeding and Baby Connect Tracker is a powerful app packing a respectable assortment of tracking features with which you can record all types of feeds (meaning breast, bottle, and solid) with a single tap, and just as easily record diaper changes, breast pumping data, baby milestones, growth (includes weight, height, and head circumference), and medication. You can review your baby’s activities by the hour thanks to Feed Baby’s advanced timeline feature, export data to your computer for more comprehensive data analysis, and, since Feed Baby supports multiple baby tracking, you can keep track of the development and daily activities of several little ones. To top it off, Feed Baby offers seamless device-to-device synchronization, ensuring that both mom and dad know what’s going on with the light of their lives.

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