The Most Basic Apps All Aspiring Singers Must Have on their iPhone

The ability to sing is one of the greatest gifts a human being can receive from destiny. Music is the easiest way to connect people, as it makes us realize that we all face same challenges and go through the same trials and tribulations – although while wandering on various walks of life. When it comes to singing, getting by solely on God-given talent might get you far, but a combination of talent and hard work will shoot you all the way up to the stars. If you’re looking for worthy e-companions for your singing lessons, these apps will definitely do the trick.


SingTrue is a perfect app both for aspiring and professional singers. It features more than 30 interactive exercises that will come in handy in improving your voice and boosting your confidence. Thanks to the iPhone’s sophisticated signal processing and cutting-edge microphone, the app is able to analyze your singing, and based on the results, is capable of providing feedback to help you improve. For professional singers, the app has advanced exercises up its sleeve, the aims of which include supercharging your musical creativity and helping you in learning to recognize notes by ear. All exercises have been tailor-made by experts with priceless contributions from some of the most coveted vocal teachers in the world.

Matt Farnsworth Vocal Studio – Vocal Lessons

Brought to you by Matt Farnsworth, a real renaissance man recognized as a voice teacher, a pianist, and an actor, MF Vocal Studio delivers personalized voice lessons based on a brand new, patented algorithm system. By answering a few questions regarding you voice type, your singing experience, your vocal range, and your preferred genre, Vocal Studio brings you a warm-up exercise tailor-made for your voice. During Vocal Studio’s daily exercises, you’ll by video-guided by Matt Farnsworth himself. Following the video tutorials, you’ll be given the chance to practice with the aid of an innovative keyboard automatically programmed based on the information you provided about your voice at the start of the session. MF Vocal Studio boasts great reviews from industry professionals and is said to deliver on its promises, thus it is definitely worth a try.

Acapella from PicPlayPost

A capella is the purest form of singing and the perfect context for showing off how multifaceted your voice is. Acapella from PicPlayPost provides a super easy way to produce spectacular a capella videos by creating multi-part harmonies and allowing you to include multiple instruments in your performances. All you have to do is select a layout (you can record up to 9 frames), and you’re good to go!

Warm Me Up!

Warming up your voice is essential to vocal chords maintenance, longevity, and an outstanding performance. With Warm Me Up!, the most complex and comprehensive vocal warm up tool on the market, your voice will be up to any singing challenge! The app features 50 warm-up exercises split into five categories, ensuring a gradual warm-up process so that you don’t overwork your voice. Warm Me Up! delivers sessions based on how much time you have available, and it also allows you to put together your very own warm-up based on your preferences. A professional singer guides you through the first couple of repeats of each exercise, and suggestions and instructions also accompany you on your warm-up quest.

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