The week in iPhone apps: Ad Age, comical Congress and more

Whether you are interested in breaking news from the advertising industry or hoping to share your opinions about healthcare with your local congressperson, there are a number of brand new iPhone apps worth downloading. One will even monitor your blood pressure. 

Ad Age Latest News 

Advertising Age is the latest iconic brand in publishing to get into the app space with the release of this $1.99 application. The clean, easy-to-navigate app features much of the news and commentary published at, but with a stronger emphasis on digital media coverage. Like a particular story? Share with your followers on Twitter. 

Bobble Rep – 111th Congress Edition 

Initially rejected by the iTunes App Store for fear that it would “ridicule” public figures, this playful and benign 99-cent application helps users locate and contact elected representatives by state, district and political affiliation. While not as comprehensive as the $4.99 Congress+, Bobble Rep does win style points for its bobblehead illustrations and entertaining sound effects. 

Heartwise Blood Pressure Monitor 

If following political affairs makes your blood boil, you can always download this $1.99 application that records your blood pressure and resting heart rate. Updated with new features this week, HeartWise like many health-based apps should never be used as a replacement for professional diagnosis and treatment. The app also lets you export data into a spreadsheet to better analyze patterns over time. 

Connect 4 

Electronic Arts updated this classic game for the iPhone, which allows you to play solo and also test your skills against friends and family via Bluetooth and wireless Internet multiplayer functions. One of the best things about this $2.99 application is no longer having to look for all those player chips under the couch. Connect 4 is also great for long flights as well as a wholesome way to keep the kids entertained during holiday break. 

SpeakEasy 2 

While the miniature tape recorder will soon be obsolete thanks to the iPhone and other digital devices, this $1.99 application is in a class unto itself. Think of it as a recording studio for all of your voice memos with state-of-the-art acoustic technology. You can also GeoTag locations to any recording and seamlessly share with friends and other devices. 

My Bullet Serve

A $1.99 application you can love in more ways than one, My Bullet Serve calculates the speed of your tennis serve. A series of algorithms take into account the position on the court where the ball was served, landing location and serve outcome to give you performance data traditionally reserved for tennis pros and other specialists. The app is designed for players hoping to increase their serve velocity over time. You can also share results with friends for bragging rights. 


While this free app doesn’t do many things, it accomplishes one task very well. iMediaShare is a tool for displaying iPhone photos on your television set. The app primarily works with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles. Wireless network sharing eliminates the need for excess cables and software downloads. 

Dr. Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition 

An innovate way for this Dr. Seuss classic story to dial into the iPhone, this $2.99 application lets users create Grinch-themed photo cards. The overlay feature and extras like stamps and borders will be a hit even for those who don’t live in Whoville.

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