These iPhone games will have you over the moon

We have been to the moon, but not much farther. While we still dream of space travel, tune in for shuttle launches and applaud the coming arrival of commercial space flights (thanks Richard Branson), we will have to settle for iPhone space adventure games for the time being.

These space-themed iPhone games are full of intrigue, challenging your strategic skill sets as you aim to conquer deep space.

Spaced out puzzle iPhone games

Gravity Sling is a puzzle game for your iPhone that takes place in space.  Sling your astronaut through space to safely return him to the shuttle, using the gravity of nearby planets. Slinging is fun with the iPhone’s touch screen, and you can challenge friends to top the leader boards. While Gravity Sling is free, in-game purchases give you the full version.

Quite different from Newtonica 1, Newtonica 2 for the iPhone is another space puzzle game. Reunite this space duck with its father to advance through each of the 36 levels. Between space waves created by your available generators and navigating the varyingly dangerous space orbs, this 99-cent game is cute, frustrating and entertaining all at the same time.

Cows in Space brings more spaced out farm animals to your iPhone.  Rescue the cows and bring them back to Earth by herding them into the proper area for teleportation. Doing so requires interaction with different space objects, which have different effects on the cows. Cows in Space is currently free, adding to its appeal.

Get lost in space with this cute iPhone game of the same name. Lost in Space leaves you stranded, with no option other than to shoot as far into outer space as possible.  Bounce from one asteroid to another, which become smaller and more distant the farther out you get. The $1.99 is a tad pricy for its limited game play, but the use of the iPhone’s tilt feature adds to the fun.

Arcade shooter and adventure iPhone games

The Space Ace game brings a bit of classic arcade gaming to your iPhone. Save the planet by destroying Infanto Ray and rescuing fellow hero Kimberly in this $4.99 iPhone game You will have to touch the iPhone screen left, right, up or down to mimic the movements of the joystick, but if you don’t mind, then Space Ace will bring hours of fun.

Another classic arcade game, Cataica, lets you battle aliens as you journey through outer space. This 99-cent game packs in a lot of fun for the price, and the reliance on the iPhone’s tilt feature adds to the comic drama of Cataica. Choose your space ship, weapons and strategy to beat the high scores.

While Space Invaders for the iPhone is based on the original arcade game, it has been designed to leverage the iPhone’s features instead of simply porting the game to the mobile device. Control your shooter space ship from anywhere on the screen so objects are not blocked. True to original graphics as well, the $4.99 iPhone game has an air of nostalgia.

The epitome of a space shooter game, Space Deadbeef combines battles and strategy in order to beat each level. A free iPhone app, Space Deadbeef utilizes the iPhone’s touch screen to shoot your enemies’ space craft and emerge the conqueror of all. Settings allow you to change the pace of the game, and continue games upon re-opening the iPhone game app.

Galaxy on Fire 3D puts you in the driver’s seat, zipping across space as a pilot for hire.  This $5.99 shooter game for the iPhone is multifaceted, with flight simulators, planets and space stations. The added game dimensions make extended game play much more enjoyable as you navigate the farthest reaches of space.

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