This app offers the challenge of its namesake show. The question: What is “Jeopardy!”

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The Jeopardy! app for the iPhone and iPod Touch brings the classic television game show to life with surprisingly interactive appeal.

There are differences between the app and the actual game show, but fans will instantly identify with the app. There are thousands of questions and, according to the developer, they come from the same writers as on the show.

It certainly seems that way but there is one difference: The responses are multiple-choice.

Just like on the TV show, contestants can brand their podiums with a signature, and all responses are timed. Unlike the show, you have the option to play solo.

One bonus is that the games automatically save when you exit, which comes in handy if you need to take a call.

Yet the game has a major fault sure to annoy most users of this app: It’s pricey at $4.99, so it’s annoying when pop-up ads appear while you’re answering questions.

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