Top 3 iPhone Apps to Manage Your Debts

Debt Free – Pay Off your Debt With Debt Snowball Method

With this app it’s easy to set up various debts according to the user’s needs. From the dashboard users can add debts of any size they wish, assign the relevant interest rate and what date payment is taken. The minimum monthly payment can also be set and extra payments can be factored into the equation. At a glance, the app can then tell users exactly how long it will take to pay off the debt at the current rate of interest and payments.


Credit Card Debt Payoff

The app organizes all your outstanding debt into one simple interface, allowing you to calculate your credit utilization and help bring your debt down to manageable levels.


Debt Buster

This app might look easy to use, and it is, with a friendly, color-coded hot air balloon icon to let you know how you’re doing, but it’s also a sophisticated and comprehensive piece of debt-management software. It includes a monthly budget feature, a simple money management algorithm, and a host of useful money-saving tips to help get you through the leaner years.


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