Top 5 iPad Education Apps to Teach Kids American History

Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride – A Fingerprint Network App

$4.99. From Cognitive Kid. Bring the American Revolution to life. Make a map of the 13 colonies, toss tea into the Boston Harbor, and join in on Paul Revere’s ride.


Early Jamestown

Free. An interactive textbook that explores the early days of the Jamestown settlement and the state of Virginia.


U.S. Westward Expansion

Free. Journey on the Lewis and Clark expedition and learn about the causes and effects of the Western expansion.


Constitution for iPad

Free. The Constitution for iPad contains the text of the Constitution and bios of the signers.


The Civil War Today

$2.99. From Bottle Rocket. Daily Civil War updates from April 12, 2011 through April 26, 2015. The app content updates one day at a time, precisely mirroring the events of 150 years ago.


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