Top App For Social Networking

Picture Messenger Pro

Love this app. I can send these hilarious and fun picture messages to my friends via sms or email or I can use them to post a status or picture to twitpic (twitter), facebook, and tumblr. Its updated weekly and contains both pix that work as a status if your bored at work, excited, happy, etc. or if you want to meet up with a friend after work for drinks or coffee or even if you want to wish your mom a happy mother’s day. Its pretty much my fav app and really can be used for so many different things.



I love facebook therefore I love the facebook app. Probably shouldn’t be checking status feeds while I drive tho…



I like to be able to use this app when I’m on the go for work. It makes adding new contacts when I don’t have my computer really easy and I know I wont forget later.


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