Traffic Rush iPhone app puts traffic in a whole new light

Like many memorable iPhone game apps, Traffic Rush (free) takes a very simple concept and makes it extremely hard to put down. The game gives you a single intersection and a flow of traffic and asks that you simply keep traffic moving, no accidents please.

In order to achieve that goal, you’re allowed to either speed up a car by sliding your finger across it, or slow it down by holding your finger down on it. This leads to some interesting choices in strategy.

I favor sliding the traffic across as fast as possible, so that when a slow moving straggler car is about to hang out in the middle of an intersection, they’re easier to spot. Regardless, that doesn’t seem to stop me from ending up in game-ending fender benders.

What I described above is basically the entire game. You’re basically trying to maintain an endless combination of traffic that doesn’t crash. The graphics look like something out of the early Grand Theft Auto games, with a top-down perspective that suits the action just fine.

If this doesn’t exactly sound thrilling, download Traffic Rush and see when you put it down. What starts as odd and frustrating soon becomes a small high score. Soon, you’ll find yourself contemplating a way to beat that damn traffic, and you’ll keep at it much longer than you anticipated. Sometimes, simpler just works.

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