Trigger Happy Christmas iPhone app a different kind of holiday game

(Editor’s note: we thank Lee Hickey on Twitter for suggesting this app review)

Just in time for the holiday season is a new game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Trigger Happy Christmas iPhone app (99 cents) is not quite family fun, but you’ll probably get a kick out it, even if Grandma won’t. Simply put, the elves are trying to hijack Christmas by stealing presents, and it’s your job as Santa (with the help of Rudolph) to do something about it. As the name suggests, you’re not just stealing the presents back, but rather declaring all out Rambo-style war on them.

For game lovers that crave gore, this game is the Christmas game for you. The graphics are nice and simple, and look like hand-drawn cartoons. Your goal as Santa is to collect all the presents that the elves have stolen and put them into the Tele-Present 2000. But the elves are crafty two and come from all sides. While you’re wasting an elf on the right, several more of Santa’s helpers can come from the left and steal the presents back again.

Trigger Happy Christmas is not an easy game to master. It’s tough to keep track of presents and stay away from killer elves. This game requires a lot of back and forth. Luckily, you have Rudolph on your side, too. He drops by occasionally to drop down upgraded weapons, such as a machine gun and flamethrower.

 Everyone wants a white Christmas, but if you download this iPhone app, yours will be all red.


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