Twigo, a surprisingly good calling app

Another method which is quickly becoming popular is utilizing apps that are designed to alleviate the costs of making calls such as Twigo Mobile Calls. With the app, free calls are possible as all that is required is for users to have an internet connection and for the recipient of the call to also have a Twigo account.

While calls between Twigo app users are free, calls and texts to other landline numbers are also possible but come at a cost which is typically lower than that of competing carriers. With the ability to make free calls between Twigo accounts, users can effectively save on their monthly phone bill, especially if it is billed by the minute. As an internet connection is required in order to use the app, a common misconception is that internet-based communication is left vulnerable to hackers and those who may wish to intrude on privacy. However, Twigo effectively eliminates this notion as all the calls that are made are encrypted end-to-end to ensure that it is completely protected. It should be noted that the encryption only occurs for internet calls whereas calls made to landline numbers will only have the Twigo users end encrypted.

Upon opening the app, users will notice that the look and feel of Twigo is similar to that of the existing phone app where they can access their contacts to text or call. Through this, learning how to use the app is extremely intuitive. However, as the calls are only free between Twigo users, a chicken-or-egg issue arises where the app requires a large number of users to adopt the service in order to get others to use it as well. To counter the problem, the app also offers low cost calls and texts to non-Twigo users so that others have an incentive to utilize the app instead of their traditional carrier for their services. Through this, the app makes it compelling and economical to use as a communication with others who may or may not be on Twigo.[sc name=”quote” text=”Twigo is one of the best apps internet-based communication apps available for those who are on a budget”]

In comparison to similar services offered by Viber or Skype where users are able to make calls and send texts to other users for free or a low price, the costs of Twigo are lower and the call quality is superior. For example, one of the more popular destinations to call, the US, has a rate of $0.008/minute while the same call would cost  $0.023/minute and $0.019/minute with Skype and Viber respectively. In terms of features, Viber and Skype is able to provide additional services for free including video chat and sending of multimedia messages whereas Twigo is currently offering only calls and texts. This can be primarily attributed to the fact that the company is one that is new in a field that is already dominated by major players.

Whereas the cost of mobile services including calls and text continue to rise, many alternative forms of communication that aims to reduce the price have risen. In particular, Twigo makes it highly economical for those who regularly text or call by offering the service for free between users of the app. Even for those who are not users of the app, texting and calling either locally or internationally can be done at significantly lower rates in order to be competitive with the traditional carriers. In this regard, Twigo is one of the best apps internet-based communication apps available for those who are on a budget.

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