Universal DC Comics app gives superhero fans a digital option

The free DC Comics app is powered by Comics by comiXology, which shares an identical interface with the Marvel Comics app, provides readers with a solid option for reading comics from the popular publisher on a mobile device.

The DC Comics app consists of simple navigational buttons–Featured, New, Popular and Free– that showcase some of the more tantalizing titles featuring legendary characters. It would have been interesting if DC strayed from the formulaic app engine. However, unlike Wonder Woman’s recent costume change for the sake of more modern threads, it plays to their benefit to stick with what works.

A slew of comics from the Green Lantern series, including Green Lantern Rebirth and Green Lantern Corps, are currently highlighted in the New section. This is most likely due to the buzz around the impending film starring Ryan Reynolds as the power ring-wielding superhero. As of June 30th, other additions available for purchase include issues of the Superman/Batman series, Wonder Woman, Jonah Hex (also a major motion picture) and Sandman.

Like its Marvel app predecessor, double-tapping a page enables a storyboard mode, in which readers can view one panel at a time. In Reading Preferences, one can adjust the transition speed and letterboxing in order to keep the next panel hidden. This is a great feature considering that with print comics it is easy for eyes to stray unintentionally to the next image – especially if it’s bigger or more action-oriented – and spoil the narrative drama. Another plus: even when using a weak wi-fi signal, the app loaded extremely quickly.

The DC Comics app uses a carousel display for issues. Once tapped into, a reader can check out a preview and access a synopsis, buy digital and print versions, toggle notifications for the addition of new books in a series, and much more. The My Comics section keeps track of everything you have purchased and viewed. The Settings menu helps manage your storage and notifications. The DC Comics app is solid for both hardcore fans and casual comic readers who want to brush up on their favorite superhero origin stories.

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