Word With Friends iPad app deserves compliments

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The Words With Friends HD iPad app is exactly what it describes. It’s a word game that you can play with your friends, it’s in HD and it’s pretty.

If you’re sitting next to the friend you’d like to play with, you can set up a game for pass and play—like playing Scrabble in the living room, but you don’t have to put away all of the little letter tiles. And, if your brother starts to lose, he won’t push the whole game onto the floor (though he might throw your iPad, I suppose).

Words With Friends HD also allows you to play a random game with a random stranger from somewhere in the world. But you can also tap “Create a Game” and invite a friend from your Contact List or search for friends by their User Name. Invite your Twitter or Facebook friends to play a game as well.

Push notifications mean that you can play a word, and when your opponent gets around to taking his or her turn, you’ll be notified. Chat with your opponents via the chat feature.

You can have several games going at the same time—choose which to play by tapping Games.

Game play is smooth—simply drag letters to the board.

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