4 Innovative Green Technologies That You Should Know About

green technologies

Climate change – all of us have heard a lot about it in the past few years. Now, due to social media, we come across videos that actually depict the repercussions of climate change in today’s world. In this regard, innovations like green technologies can help us maneuver through climate change for a better future.

What Is Green Technology?

Green technology is any form of tech that can help us to reduce the negative impact of humans on the climate. For example, using the idea of low-carbon construction to expand the urban infrastructure. The term green technologies can feel like a utopian concept but due to the climate crisis that is upon us – it’s a necessity for the betterment of human beings.

Four Innovative Examples of Green Technologies

 Green technologies sounds like a new term, but there has been a lot of work done in this specific field. Here are four of the most innovative examples of green technologies that you should know about in 2022! (Because it’s cool to be informed).

Recycling Waste Materials

Recycling waste is a much bigger issue for us than we realize. To put things into perspective, think about the trash that you dispose of every day from your home. Now think about the 7 billion people that live on this earth and how much waste they produce, coupled with the industrial waste that is filling the earth at a much greater pace. However, thanks to green technologies, there are a few innovations that make us hopeful about recycling to save planet earth.

Now there are many systems such as automated food waste tracking that can help us manage food waste on a daily basis. However, there is still a lot to come in this field and this is only one step in the right direction.

Solar Panels

Electricity is a basic necessity for human beings. However, the resources that are needed to produce electricity are scarce. So, another innovative example of green technologies is solar panels.

As the name suggests, solar panels use sunlight to produce electricity. People can install them in their homes and industrial areas to produce electricity without spending the resources that are depleting rapidly. On top of this, solar panels also help people save money on their electricity bills. You can install the panels on your roof and produce your own electricity. The best thing about solar panels is the fact that they are extremely compact and easy to use. Once the setup is installed, the whole system runs on its own. All you need to do is maintain it every now and then.

Ecological Vehicles

The use of automobiles and other modes of transport has contributed massively to air pollution. However, there are up-and-coming examples of green technologies such as ecological vehicles that can help reduce the damage in the future. Although this technology is still relatively new – many industries are now focusing on producing more ecological vehicles as they do not emit harmful gases that can pollute the environment.

Vertical Gardens

Agriculture is imperative to human survival. It is because, without agriculture, we will not be able to produce the staple food for billions of people around the world. However, medieval practices around agriculture are damaging to the environment. For example, a rice crop needs gallons and gallons of water to get ripe. However, as we all know that our water resources are also shrinking every day. This is why the use of vertical gardens (another mind-blowing addition of green technologies) is a huge step in the right direction.

With the integration of vertical gardens, human beings can produce crops with the help of less water as vertical gardens do not need rigorous water routines for crop growth. On top of this, with the help of vertical gardens, farmers can also isolate the temperatures that are produced by climate change. However, the technology is still relatively new. Hence farmers, especially those that are based in third-world countries like India and Bangladesh do not know about vertical gardens. In order to incorporate vertical gardens on a bigger scale, governments need to tap into far-flung areas. Because depleting water resources and climate change pose a great threat to food security.

The industrial revolution and other such factors have contributed massively to climate change. So much so that scientists say that we have a couple of years on our hands until climate change becomes an irreversible phenomenon. However, there is hope that the evolution of green technologies will help us preserve planet earth for future generations. For example, vertical gardens and ecological vehicles. The journey is long and bumpy. But with the help of these innovations, we can hope for a brighter future by reversing the effects of climate change.

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