5 Perfect Apps for the Bookhead in Your Life

Bookish apps are a great way to up your reading game, whether you want to read more, get into new genres or just be a more organized reader there are sure to help.

Below are five must-have apps for book lovers:

Bookly (iOS)

Bookly is an awesome app that gives you complete control over your reading, with tools that make it easy to organize your virtual library, log the books you’ve read and even turn reading into a scientific process. A great feature to help you read more is the ability to set monthly and reading goals with a motivating bar that fills up a little more every time you finish a book. You can also track your reading time and for those looking to really take their reading to the next level you can access graphics that allow you to understand exactly how you read.

Epic! (iOS, Android)

Epic! Is the ultimate digital library for kids bringing thousands of books to their fingertips including all of their favorite authors as well as many lesser known titles. Epic! Creates a reading experience truly tailored to children with a bright and easy to use interface and stories that come to life. The app can be personalized to suit your child’s reading interests and level to make reading a fun and engaging experience. Epic! Also includes audiobooks, learning videos and quizzes.

Goodreads (iOS, Android)

No bookish app list is complete without Goodreads, a social platform that allows you to discover new books and easily organize them into virtual bookshelves, as well as keeping a reading log and writing reviews. The app also includes a timeline so you can easily keep up to date with the books your friends are reading. A really nice feature is the ability to set a yearly reading goal and share this with friends, this is a great motivator as they can see if you’re falling behind on you goal or even if you’re flying ahead.

50000 Free eBooks & Free Audio Books (iOS, Android)

With over 50,000 free books including many classics 50000 Free eBooks is a great way to read more and discover new books without potentially investing money in books you can’t be sure you will enjoy. Discover new authors and genres with the app’s search features that have been designed for those times when you need some reading inspiration. Save books to your library to read at a later date and create your very own virtual bookshelf. You can choose whether to read or listen to the audio version of books giving you complete control over your reading experience.

Blinkist: Read More Nonfiction (iOS, Android)

Blinkist takes information from over 2000 bestselling non-fiction books and creates easy to digest packs of information that can be read or listened to in just 15 minutes. This is a perfect way to learn new skills, sharpen your professional knowledge or just improve your general knowledge. The app includes carefully put together reading lists helping you to discover new books and areas of interest. Blinkist is perfect for busy people on the go that are looking for a creative way to read and learn.


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