7 iOS App Development Trends for the Year 2022

iOS app development

Apple has developed the latest iOS operating system. Thus, in this article, we will be talking about the mobile industry’s greatest innovator, Apple. Let’s now look at the top 7 trends of iOS app development for the year 2022. However, it is first important to understand the need for iOS app development.

Why Should You Go for iOS App Development?

New or established enterprises or startups go for their app development on iOS or Android as they are the top two platforms. However, you must remember that to get more users, you must go with Android app development, and to get good revenue, you need to go with iOS. The App Store of Apple 2019 made a revenue of $22.6 billion.

Latest Trends in iOS App Development 

These are the top iOS development trends for 2022 that you must look at.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a popular iOS app development trend and is utilized nowadays in almost every industry. You can apply IoT in planned operations, Apple Watch, and even Smart City frameworks. 

The Internet of Things works to gather a wide range of information, examine it, and utilize it to add to the comfortable existence of humans. Moreover, you can also incorporate it into various clinical applications created for iOS. 

It helps take a fundamental survey from patients even when they are at their homes. It would help if you explored the effective ways to utilize these technological advancements in 2022.

IoT also consolidates security frameworks, water supply, environment control, and home theaters through an iPhone. 

Moreover, it guarantees a direct conveyance process, produces dependable gauges, and computerizes most activities. 

IoT also permits users to control homesteads or plantings from their tablets and mobile directly. It is also useful in providing essential medical services. These applications can track a person’s essential bodily functions.

ARKit 2 in iOS 12

ARKit 2 is a game-changing characteristic of iOS 12. Multiple access options work to improve the entire AR app market. Many users can share the same AR environment or object all at once. 

Therefore, now with the multiplayer feature, ARKit 2 is no longer limited to just gaming. You can use it for other interesting options like viewing educational innovations, shared-world experiences, digital art projects, retail advertising, etc. 

However, it is just the beginning of the AR experience, which will soon be the future of the digital world. According to a recent Apple report, 53% of the users have installed and use iOS 12. 

Therefore, you must leverage ARKit2. The latest ARKit 2 can work from 2 iPads and iPhones to thousands of working devices simultaneously. 

Moreover, ARKit has introduced a new app for iOS. It utilizes AR to gauge the real-world object’s size very quickly.

iOS App Security

People consider iOS one of the most secured platforms due to some strong claims. The challenges for app developers lie in maintaining security, but Apple works to keep all its apps and devices secure from any cyber-attack. 

Apple also has complete control over the way iOS and its devices work together. Thus, there are no chances of any errors.

Moreover, Apple has now made the App Transport Security (ATS) mandatory for all the recently published iOS apps due to security purposes. Thus, the iOS app on your iPhone/iPad can access files and make a change only in a virtual sandbox. 

The device’s iOS provides each app with only one channel to interact. The inbuilt security features of the app are constantly updated with the latest security patches.

Apple HomeKit

Everyone loves a smart home capable of doing all the work with just a single command. In today’s digital world, the key to a smart home is your smartphone or your iPhone. 

IoT is much more than simply turning on and off the lights with the help of your iPhone and iPad. Thus, 2022 will bring out such amazing discoveries for you.

You can easily store all the essential information of the device in one file that you can access from any device through cloud storage. It makes the feature of Home automation remotely accessible. 

IoT devices such as Nanoleaf remote are working to redefine the entire Home automation industry. Apple HomeKit is the reason behind all these excellent innovations, and it will be a trending thing in 2022.

A new notification section is now available. Thus, users can now easily control their notifications just from one spot rather than going to individual sections to enable them.

iOS app development company ties Siri shortcuts to HomeKit as it allows users to create shortcuts. Therefore, users can do many things with a Siri invocation. 

AI and SiriKit

Originally, Siri was a project developed by the AI Center of SRI International. Although Siri is not an accurate example to define Artificial Intelligence, it is probably one of the closest ones at present. Siri, until now, used only some powerful speech recognition techniques and natural language processing. However, it is now changing with the latest Machine Learning and AI’s deep integration with Siri.

Besides that, the new Sirikit has made Siri way more accessible. It allows iOS apps to work with Siri freely. You can use all types of services in new ways. 

For example, hands-free usage, app access even from your screen lock, etc. Another amazing integration of Siri Shortcut is that it pairs your everyday routine with the apps and suggests some shortcuts to regular activities. 

Siri will suggest the shortcuts based on your location, time of the day, and type of motion. All types of learning on the device happen locally. 

Thus, Siri creates for you a personalized experience but what makes it so reliable is that it makes your life easier without compromising your privacy. These features prove the true and useful integration of Siri and AI.

WatchOS 5

Mobile apps nowadays are going far beyond Smartphones. The app development of the Apple Watch is becoming very popular among users. Thus, the mobile app development company must remain prepared for this. 

You must also know that Apple has sold a remarkable number of smartwatches. The recent WatchOS 5 provides Apple Application developers easy access to the Siri audio controls, watch face, etc.

Customized controls offer your notifications an interactive medium where you don’t need to open your mobile app. It provides a great user experience. Siri shortcuts will now be available for the Apple Watches too. It will provide users with the necessary suggestions keeping in mind the time and the user’s location.

With the new WatchOS 5, you can allow audio apps to run in the device’s background. Also, you can download your favorite playlists to your Apple Watch and completely control and transfer the audio files from your watch.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay will change the money transaction in the future, which is particularly useful for eCommerce users. It will become the universal online payment method for Apple users.

You can use this payment method to order goods and services. No more scrolling via the checkout pages. It is a big step for online shoppers who spend a lot of time navigating without buying. 

You can use Apple Pay for any payment like physical and online shopping, food ordering, club membership, bank payments, ticket booking, table reservations, etc. The best part is that Apple Pay is very safe to use.


These leading iOS app development trends look very futuristic. If you want to develop an iOS app of your own, you must work on creating some effective and innovative strategies for your mobile app development

The app mentioned above development trends is here to stay. In short, Apple has some dedicated followers, and it will only increase with these trends. 

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