Accelerating Angels funds first women-led start-ups

Accelerating Angels

Accelerating Angels, an investment body run by women has successfully funded its first two start-ups. This marks a significant move towards enhancing women-led ventures in Central Ohio through critical financial support.

The investment body is operated by successful women entrepreneurs. It helps women-led start-ups through financial means. This support has allowed the start-ups to refine their business models and broaden their operations, impacting the male-dominated entrepreneurial landscape.

Co-founder Cindi Englefield has emphasized the need to redress the imbalance in venture capital. With less than 2% directed towards female founders, she believes that their initiative will benefit female entrepreneurs and contribute to diversity in business ventures.

Accelerating Angels’ first investment is a software platform led by Sheri Chaney Jones.

Supporting women-led start-ups in Central Ohio

It aims to help governmental, nonprofit, and social enterprises monitor their progress and make data-driven decisions. Specifically, the platform addresses significant societal issues like homelessness, affordable housing, hunger, and mental health.

Jones’s innovative SureImpact platform has attracted Accelerating Angels as investors due to its potential for global impact. Englefield further highlighted how investments in women-led businesses yield a higher return and faster exits for investors.

The second and third organizations to receive funding from Accelerating Angels are a provider of meeting and event management solutions and a start-up that focuses on sustainable energy solutions. This shows how Accelerating Angels supports ambitious women entrepreneurs while also promoting sustainable practices.

According to Jones, these initiatives offer women an opportunity to help shape the future through innovative ideas and progressive solutions. They will boost financial returns and have a profound impact on the world, making every dollar invested worthwhile.

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