Amos App: Review

Amos app

Amos is a Snapchat-affiliated social media app that people can use to connect and meet with new people. Like other social media platforms, the Amos app provides multiple features to the users like finding local people, posting photos & videos, messaging people, and so on. Moreover, the team behind Amos built the app focusing on meaningful relationships.

Based on that mindset, the app doesn’t allow you to connect with random strangers. The app helps you connect people with shared interests. This interesting thing is unique and may help make long-lasting friendships and relationships among people.

What is Amos App about?

Amos app is not much popular yet, but it sure has the potential to become a prominent social media app. The concerned authority designed the Amos app for the iOS operating system at the beginning. So, you can use the app if you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad with a version equal to 10 or higher. Apple users have the chance to use the app to communicate with people after downloading the app from Apple Store. Hopefully, if the app becomes popular among people, then the team responsible for Amos may think about making the app compatible with android, windows, and other operating systems.

Features of Amos App

Meet New People and Friends Finder

Like many other social media platforms, you have the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. By engaging in collaborative actions and discussions, you can make new friends.

There is the Friends Finder option inside the app to inform you of people who have similar tastes& interests as you. So, you can check their profile and then may decide to connect with them. The unique interests option is working behind the scenes of the Friends Finder Option.

Post as You Like to Share your Interest and Communicate with People

You can post anything like photos, videos, and stories. You can also check posts from your friends. Like most social media platforms, sharing photos, videos, and exchanging messages are easy to conduct in the Amos app. Communicate with people via messaging to engage in social interactions and make meaningful connections.

Unlocking options for adding more Usernames

You get to earn diamonds from different activities you perform through the app. If you can get a certain amount of diamonds as a reward, you get to add more usernames to your account.

Updating Membership

The Amos app has both free and premium versions. In the premium version, you get to unlock like/crush lists and remove all the ads from the news feed. For the premium version, you need to pay a certain amount of money per week. And you have the option to renew the monthly fee automatically per month.


You get to know people who have similar interests as you. To meet similar-minded people, the app encourages users to provide information regarding their favorite things. The app then collects that information and finds people with common interests and shows the profile of people to like-minded people.

Some More Features of the Amos App

Recent Activities

The Amos app provides an overview of the recent activities done by you and your friends. So, you can always step up-to-date about what’s new with your friends. By keeping updated on each other, people develop strong friendships among them.

Connecting to Other Social Media Platforms

The app has the option to connect and share information about you. This is like you do things in Amos and connect to your other social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. This connectivity thing is very helpful for connecting with people more & more. Moreover, the influencers will be able to benefit from having multiple sharing platforms from this one app.

Minimum 18 years Old

The app doesn’t allow minors to create accounts which is also a unique thing to notice in today’s world. It’s a good thing not to allow kids to join adult apps.

App for the iOS users

Presently only iOS users can use the app through their iPad, iPhone or iPod. Moreover, the versions under 10 are not compatible with the app. So, the latest versions of iOS will be necessary for using the app.

User-friendly Interface

The Amos has a user-friendly interface making the user experience more smooth and more comfortable. Moreover, using the app is self-explanatory. So, use the app in your leisure time comfortably to have a great time with your old and new friends.

Concluding Remarks

The Apple-based Amos app has a high rating in the apple play store with a significant number of reviews. Moreover, there are several features present in the app for you to enjoy. You should check the app out for better clarity. And, if you can find like-minded people through the app, that will surely enhance your social interaction experience through Amos. Hopefully, in the future, this app will be available for other operating system users.

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