Amusing Miller Lite Next Round won’t quench thirst

Who’s buying this round?  Pop open the Miller Lite Next Round app and find out.

Miller Lite Next Round is basically a moving advertisement that only serves one purpose.  Even if you do use it as a decision maker, it won’t make you want a Miller Lite any more than a gin and tonic. It is mildly amusing, however.

Touch the Miller Lite triple hops logo and start spinning.  When it stops, one of the hops will flash and point toward a friend, informing everyone it is his turn it is to buy the next round. 

Miller Lite Next Round is just like Spin the Bottle. The difference: If you’re picked, then you’re buying bottles for everyone else to kiss.

The triple hops logo sits above a cascade of golden beer.  It gleams in a way that nothing else in a bar will and begs the question: does this really belong?  If your friends decide to try it out for a night it could be amusing.  Miller Lite Next Round purports to take the hassle out of who’s buying the next beer but doesn’t help much.

Honestly, it’s fun to spin the logo for about a minute.  But if you find yourself playing with this at the bar you should just buy another beer or go home.

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