Appolicious Showcase: Listick

If you own a smartphone or tablet computer, chances are that you have used the device at some point for in-aisle shopping. Listick – Easy-to-Use Grocery Shopping List and Expense Tracker is a new and super easy-to-use grocery shopping list app that lets you share your lists with others in the cloud. Download Listick to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch right now and take advantage of its low introductory price of 99 cents.

Listick is a great app to help you navigate your way around the grocery store, create and maintain shopping lists, and focus on the items that you and your family need the most (while helping you avoid impulse purchases!). The app’s beautiful and intuitive interface lets you easily create shopping lists with auto-suggestions and then automatically divides what you add into categories and store departments. This lets you save time by mapping out the shortest route possible.

Take advantage of the app’s pre-planned shopping list function so you can focus on truly relevant items and avoid distractions and potential impulse purchases that will cost you money. As well, with Listick you can easily share and sync your lists with family, friends and roommates via the cloud. This means lists can be updated and used by multiple people from their smartphones as well as online via desktop computers. The accompanied website can be found at Pretty cool!

Additional features in Listick include the ability to track daily expenses by category, cross out items as you put them in your cart, prioritize “must-be-bought” products and customize your own design themes.

Listick does indeed put the super back in the supermarket! Download the app today for a special 99 cent price from the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

With Listick, you will forget about paper lists forever!

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