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While nothing will replace practicing your instrument of choice there are things you can learn about music that can happen away from the instrument. Music theory and ear training is one of them as well as music history and the like.


If I could do a list with just one app this list would have just this app. Tune Hopper blows away all other apps when it comes to teaching kids about music. The best part? While they’ll be training their ear and learning music theory it’s so well integrated into the “game” that they won’t even know they’re learning. BRILLIANT!


My First Classical Music App HD

Spendy iPad app that will familiarize your kids with instruments, classical music and the like.


The Muppets Animal Drummer

Really more of a tap tap game than anything else but fun for kids who want to follow patterns and certainly less obnoxious than a true drum set!


Juno’s Piano – Learn Songs, Play with Parents, and Free Play

While kids will learn a bit with this app it’s easy to assume that this will translate to an actual piano. Sadly that isn’t the case so just know that this is more about fun than about actually learning the keyboards.


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