Apps to Increase Healthcare Independence

Medici (iOS/Android)

Going to the doctor for minor illnesses is a significant hassle which results in many people not going when they need to. To make this process significantly easier for both the patient and doctor, Medici is an app that is designed to facilitate text-based communication between the two parties without having to be there in person. This helps the doctor save time who can attend to others while the patient can get treatment right from home without having to deal with the hassle of going into the office. Through the app, users are able to send a description of their symptoms, images, and even video chat with the healthcare professional without ever having to leave their home. From there, doctors can ask for more information or even prescribe medicine right through the app which makes it one of the most efficient in terms of healthcare innovation. Not only for doctors, the app can be utilized with dentists, paediatricians, and veterinarian as well to ensure the highest degree of coverage.

MyChart (iOS/Android)

One of the biggest sources of inefficiency is switching doctors and not having the adequate health records to reflect what medication and diagnoses have been issued in the past. With this, MyChart helps to store the information in a centralized location so that it is significantly easier for different doctors to understand the health circumstances of new patients quickly without having to wait for important documents to be transferred. By having access to this information, doctors are able to see blood pressure, weight, medication, number of steps, lab results, and historical appointments at a glance to understand the scope of each patient in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, as an end-to-end solution, MyChart lets users upload their fitness data that is tied to their Apple Watch or Fitbit as well as pay for the bills right on the app. With all of these features, MyChart is one of the best apps available for storing health information in a centralized location.

CareZone (iOS/Android)

A large issue associated with healthcare related to the dangers associated with taking wrong dosages which can be extremely dangerous in some cases. To alleviate this aspect of healthcare, CareZone makes it easy to accurately track the medicines that someone is taking as well as the dosage amounts with reminders. In order to make the process extremely easy, the app uses the camera in order to capture the details of the medicine that are listed on the bottle so that users do not have to enter in each medicine that they are taking manually. Furthermore, this list is made readily available in case patients want to see another healthcare professional who may not have immediate access to all of their historical health records. With reminders, tracking of blood glucose, pain, and additional vitals, CareZone makes it extremely easy to organize a large amount of healthcare data in a single place.

Doctor on Demand (iOS/Android)

With an increasing number of people going to the emergency room each year, an issue that has risen is that many of these visits could be treated with simple diagnoses. As a result, wait times are extended for insuries that may be minor. With this issue in mind, Doctor on Demand is an app that lets users see a doctor in  minutes online through video chat. With a certified doctor or therapist available on demand, the hassle associated with wait times and commutes can be eliminated with easy, at any time in the day. By describing the symptoms or showing the areas that need attention, the doctors are able to diagnose the condition as well as recommend treatment and give prescriptions. As one of the best apps to get the quickest and most efficient way to get medical diagnoses and prescriptions, Doctor on Demand is a must have app for those who do not want to spend time a significant amount of time in waiting rooms.

Ada – Your Health Guide (iOS/Android)

As one of the most intuitive health guides available, Ada is an app that makes the self-diagnosis process extremely easy. In the form of a chat bot, the app asks a series of questions that are simple to fill out. For questions that are unclear, there are sections that further break down the question even more for the greatest degree of understanding. With all of these answers, the app then compiles all of the results and symptoms and then makes a recommendation as to what kind of illness the person may have. Unlike other self-diagnosis sites such as WebMD, the app is highly personalized in determining the illness as a series of questions must be answered as well as factors to include age, gender, and weight. Developed by hundreds of doctors for over thousands of illnesses, the app is one that is highly recommended for being able to identify and track minor illnesses instead of having to consult with a healthcare professional.

As more healthcare related tools become mobile and more self serve as opposed to requiring a dedicated health professional, the apps listed in this article are able to help with a range of medical needs. From gaining more access to health providers via chats to tools which are able to keep track of historical records, these tools can help transition millions of people from a dependent healthcare system to one that is more efficient and independent.

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