Apps with a Splash

Below are five apps to help you stay hydrated in 2019:

iHydrate (iOS)

iHydrate takes logging your daily water intake to the next level with complete control over how much you drink each day and powerful tools to log what you’ve drunk. Unlike most hydration apps iHydrate understands that you don’t just drink water or the non-descript ‘soda’ that is so often available as an option but has endless options to log everything you drink including juice, coffee and even beer, iHydrate will then calculate how much of each drink actually contains water and add the amount to your daily log. You can even create your own custom drinks perfect for homemade smoothies and cocktails. You can also set reminders perfect for busy days when you need a little push to stay hydrated. If all that wasn’t enough iHydrate creates graphs and statistics of everything you’ve drunk making it easier than ever to take back control of your drinking habits.

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Daily Water (iOS)

Daily Water is a great way to manage how much water you’re drinking in a day and ensure you’re meeting your daily goal and staying hydrated this year. You choose a daily goal that suits you and customize how much water you aim to drink with each reminder. Every time a reminder goes off all you have to do is drink your desired amount of water and touch to confirm with Daily Water that you have done so, it really couldn’t be easier to stay hydrated. Daily Water creates graphs that allow you to see how much you’ve been drinking and whether you’re sticking to your goal.

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Plant Nanny (iOS, Android)

Plant Nanny offers a fun way to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day with a range of adorable plants to take care of. The idea behind the app is that your plant needs watering throughout the day and every time you water your plant you also take a drink and log how much water you used to ‘water your plant’. Forget to water your plant and it will start to die, keep him watered and he will smile and grow, just a little reminder of what happens to your own body when you’re dehydrated. Keep track of how much water your plant has had throughout the day and check that you are meeting daily hydration goals. Plant Nanny is perfect a perfect way to make staying hydrated an enjoyable task for both children and adults.

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Drink Water Reminder (Android)

Set your daily water goals and let Drink Water Reminder to all the hard work for you all you have to do is drink up. Drink Water Reminder will notify you throughout the day when it is time to take a drink and offers a variety of different cup options to select from to log how much you’ve drunk with just one click. Sleep mode will even ensure that you don’t receive notifications while you’re asleep and will adjust future notifications so that you still meet you’re daily goal even if you oversleep.

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Waterlogged – Drink More Water (iOS, Android)

Looking for a way to track your water intake but don’t have the time for complicated apps and graphs that you need to work through in order to know if you’ve achieved your daily goal then Waterlogged is the perfect app to keep you healthy. Daily reminders are great for busy days when the last thing on your mind is grabbing a bottle of water and worrying about hydration. With just a few clicks you can log when you’ve had a drink and exactly how much you’ve drunk. At the end of each day check your log to easily see how much you’ve drunk and of what, making it super easy to see manage what you’re drinking and make 2019 the healthiest year yet.

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