Astrology and Stargazing Through Your Phone

The beauty of stargazing and astrology is a time honored tradition. Whether you’re interpreting ominous portents in the fate of the stars, or simply appreciating the history and majesty of the universe, there are so many wonderful things to see and experience in the night’s sky. With your phone in hand, now it’s even easier.

Here are five apps that will help bring the sky directly to you.

Sky Guide (iOS)

Sky Guide is a simple way to easily figure out what phenomena you’re looking at in the night’s sky. Too often do people look up and wonder what star that is, or what constellation is that supposed to be? With Sky Guide, you can easily see the object in question, as well as factual information about the planet or extraterrestrial event, as well as a wonderful image to go along with it that represents what it looks like more easily. Additionally, you can use AR to more easily map the constellation so you can’t stop debating with yourself whether that really looks like a plow or not.

Starlight AR (iOS)

Starlight AR is all about using your phone as a handy visual guide to the night’s sky. By simply pointing your phone at an object in the sky, Starlight AR will access its internal database to tell you both what it is, as well as inundate you with helpful information to know as much about it as possible. With graceful images to help make constellations easier, as well as a handy search guide, Starlight AR makes the night’s sky a mystery no longer.

Sky Map (Android)

Sky Map allows you to treat your phone as a natural compass to the stars above you. By simply hovering your phone at the sky, you cane easily see the whole range of stars visible to you using your phone’s internal GPS. By careful calibration, you can move your phone across the tapestry of the stars and find exactly what you’re looking for. Assuming you’re somewhere with easy access to no light pollution, Sky Map is perfect for seeing those distant stars and putting them all together more easily.

Astro Cat’s Solar System (iOS, Android)

Astro Cat’s Solar System is a very different app in comparison to others in this list, as it’s a much more interactive and immersive experience. Designed to help teacher children about their solar system, you build your rocket and jet off into the sky to explore the Sol system and discover the facts behind the planets, the sun and everything in between. With a huge range of challenges, medals and even an awesome jetpack. Astro Cat’s Solar System helps bring the wondrous beauty of the sky to kids.

Star Walk 2 (iOS, Android)

Star Walk 2 is a more traditional guide to the night’s sky. By pointing your phone’s camera at the object you want to discover, Star Walk 2 will give you a handy guide of the time difference, temperatures and elevation angles of whatever you’re looking at, as well as a helpful 3-D rendered model to help it all make more sense. With a great deal of information and a surprisingly knowledgeable database about upcoming meteor showers, Star Walk 2 is perfect for those ambling in the countryside on the hunt for the most beautiful constellations.


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