Awesome Note not so great without Google Docs access

Awesome Note from enables you to create and organize documents on the fly. The problem is you can’t exchange any files with Google Documents, which is really the point of the whole application. 

The app is easy to use, and provides multiple ways to quickly document an idea, thought or conversation. No matter where you are in Awesome Note, you can always start a new note with a single touch. The folder system is customizable, allowing you to add, edit and delete folders with a variety of color and theme options. I also really liked the keyboard in landscape mode which made for easier typing.

On the other hand, trying to connect Awesome Note with Google Documents was a complete bust. After several attempts to transfer files in either direction, I gave up. Although Awesome Note indicated that the files had been exported, they were nowhere to be found on the Google documents site. To many, this is a deal breaker. 

When I tried to import documents from Google, Awesome Note indicated that I was logged in, but I could not see any documents in the list. I saw in the App Store Notes on Awesome Note that they had experienced some difficulties due to changes in Google data formats. I contacted Bridworks about the problem; their answer is that the problem has been fixed in version 1.6, but that the version has not been released by The App Store as of this writing.

Overall, Awesome Note will help a busy person be more productive, enabling note taking and classifying during meetings, telephone conversations and other activities.

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